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Travel Insurance

How Your Travel Insurance Can Help If You Are In an Accident Abroad

Accidents just happen, regardless of place or time. If you’re involved in an accident in your home country, you could easily get all the medical attention you want in accordance to your health plan. However, if you happen to be outside U.S. soil at the time of the accident, then there’s a pretty good chance […]

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Cenote Hydration

Cenote Recyclable Hydration System by Polar Bottle is the BEST!

The company which manufactures Polar Bottle, has announced that it is going to be launching a cost-effective hydration system that features a water reservoir which you can easily recycle. Called the ‘Cenote’ water hydration system, it will cost $13.99 for a reservoir with a two-liter capacity and $14.99 for three liters.  Cenote Hydration System According […]

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Snugg iPad3

Review for Leather Snugg Stylish New iPad 3 Case & Stand

The new stylish leather  for you if you’re looking for an accessorisable option. Plus, the case offers incredible protection for your iPad 3 against scratches and drop bumps that cause you mini heart attacks. With this robust beauty you need not worry about that anymore. Comparison and Unique Features of the Snugg iPad3 Apart from […]

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Road Trips - Everglades

Love Road Trips? 8 Stunning USA Self-Drive Tours and Adventures

Love Road Trips?  Road trips are a wonderful way to enjoy the United States. So much so, that many Americans and up taking their own road trips each year in the country. Residents of Canada and Mexico frequently come to the United States for road trips as well, thanks to the close proximity. You can […]

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Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Simply the World’s Best

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Simply the Best Here’s a challenge for you: name different ways in which you can use olive oil. How many have you come up with? You’ll find, in fact, that it can be used in more ways than you might think: cooking, baking, salad dressings, sauces, dips, health products and […]

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Screen Shot 2012-04-01 at 9.48.59 AM

25 Most Inspiring Personal Travel Blogs

We thought it would be a great time for us to take some time and reflect back on this year – not just at how much has grown as a site but also at how many amazing other personal travel blogs there are out there – sharing, provoking and living this travel lifestyle to […]

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Travel Insurance

How To Choose Best Travel Insurance For Your Next On The Road Adventure

Best Travel Insurance For Your Next On The Road Adventure Going on the road for a trip sounds like a lot of fun to most, having the breeze in your hair and the sun shine off the hood of your car. But these trips can sometimes hide weeks of preparation and painstaking forms that need […]

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Tips for saving on airfare

Tips for saving on Airfare

Seasoned travelers know that airfare is typically the most expensive component of any trip. However, there are plenty of tips for saving on airfare. With a little persistence and some insider’s knowledge, anyone can start spending less on flying. Tips for saving on Airfare When it comes to tips for saving on airfare, perhaps the […]

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TravelPony, Travel Pony

Get Big Hotel Deals at TravelPony

If you’re anything like me, then you’re always on a tight travel budget. I want to have the best experience, but I also love the thrill of getting a great deal. Because of this, I’ve become an expert at shopping all the big travel discount sites. They are kind of my home away from home. […]

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Travee Messaging App

Travee Traveling abroad is a dream come true. The opportunity to experience far off lands and fascinating cultures is so rewarding. While the journey itself is a dream, communicating with the folks back home is a lot like a nightmare. If you’ve taken your cell phone overseas before, then you know what I’m talking about…Enter […]

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