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Picasa vs Flickr – Which Is The Travel Bloggers Choice?

How do you decide where to store and share your photos? There are literally hundreds of websites to choose between, and at a first glance they all look the same. Picasa Web Albums and Flickr are the two dominating sites – also run by Yahoo! and Google respectively – used to upload…

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Backpacking Food Recipe – Quick and Tasty Couscous Salad

For me one of the most versatile foods ever is probably couscous, you can eat it with practically anything. What makes it such a great backpacking food is the fact it’s super quick, easy and cheap. A box of couscous lasts for a long time (for one person you only need half a cup of [...]

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To Celebrate Us Posting 200 Articles, You Can Win A $100 Travel Voucher!

WOW – we have just realized that this is our 200th post on As We Travel – which means we have posted around 140,000 words, in the last 8 months. I am so proud of Sofia – She is from Sweden, so English isn’t her first language. So, when going back over our travel articles from the [...]

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How To Travel With A Laptop, And Keep It Working

Having a laptop while traveling can be such a great asset – you can connect with your friends, upload pictures, save money by booking flights and hostels online etc. But when traveling around the world, by nature you are forced to put your laptop through so many challenges that it can be really hard to [...]

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Cheapest Days To Fly – How To Find Them

Cheapest days to fly - so you want to learn which the cheapest days to fly are? For those who are new this, I’ll just clarify, yes, the price of your ticket has a lot to do with which day you fly.. People complain about how expensive traveling has become and how the airfare prices are [...]

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An Idiot Abroad – NEW Travel Show On Sky1 With Ricky Gervais

I’ve been waiting for this show to come out for weeks now, and finally it’s here, the funniest travel tv show ever – An idiot abroad – (you can watch the trailer below) Ricky Gervais is one of my favorite comedians (although nobody beats Mr Ross Noble), and knowing that he would produce a travel [...]

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4 Of The Most Dangerous & Crazy Roads Around The World

Traveling equals a lot of time spent using different kinds of transport. In New Zealand we spent 60 hours traveling around on buses. The roads were pretty winding, but they were nothing compared to these ones – and I must admit that it’s a mixture of horror and enthusiasm as I share these places with [...]

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My Top 3 Inspiring Travel Movies

Sometimes I feel a bit lost and confused, and I start to question my actions and why I travel, but after watching these 3 movies they helped me to remember again why I travel, and feel inspired to continue traveling and living this lifestyle – a lifestyle without working for someone else or getting a [...]

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Safety Travel Tips For Single Women

Guest Post by Lisa – While you are out in the big world traveling, you are excited, and enjoying this new sense of freedom, and may therefore forget or ignore the dangers around you. You need to remember that when you are on a trip, you are not in your hometown, so you have to make [...]

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Will You Always Be A Budget Traveler?

“I used to be more like you, but these days I could never travel like you do. It’s really not a lifestyle that I could do anymore, I’m too old for that, and I prefer things to be more comfortable”. That was my mum last week. She still travels a few times a year, and [...]

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