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Bueno Entonces… Rosetta Stone Meets South Park? = NEW Spanish Course

REVIEW: We were recently sent a new spanish language course called: “Bueno Entonces…”, which was released by General Linguistics. With my lacking Spanish knowledge and Nathan’s zero knowledge, we were really keen to try this …

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Screen shot 2010-11-25 at 3.26.15 PM – The Review.

Site Review: We’ve been asked to check out, and review the hotel search engine Hotel Calculator, and share with our readers what we really think. Saving Time. What I personally like about Hotel Calculator, and what makes it different from, etc. is that Hotel Calculator searches them all – they compare prices from […]

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15 Tips On How to Pack Light, Save Money, And Travel Stress-free

Guest Post: David – The life of a world traveler can be filled with obstacles that you must learn from and overcome. There are problems on every trip that you cannot plan for, but there is a way you can make your trips run more smoothly and more enjoyable – packing wisely …

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Can You Travel And Still Be Sexy?

Muddy hiking boots, cargo pants, dirty week-old clothes, and a back drenched in sweat from the warm backpack you’ve been carrying for the last few hours… it doesn’t really sound like the sexiest look ever, does it? Backpacking is far from the romantic idyllic pictures you see in travel ads where everyone always wear …

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5 Great Electronic Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained On A Long Flight

There have been all manner of lists over the years telling you exactly what you should take on a plane to make it a more enjoyable flight… However this was before the influx of portable technology that allows you to enjoy the flight a lot more than you used to! You’ve shopped around, found a […]

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5 Tips For Single Travelers

Personally I see more of a fun factor to traveling the world alone as I find you really get to enjoy the freedom. As a single traveler, you decide the location, where you stay, luggage, route, places of interests and can arrange for the finance accordingly. You don’t face the trouble of adjusting or sharing your […]

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Travel Underwear – The SEXY Pair!?

Travel Underwear Review – The SEXY Pair!? Next year ExOfficio is launching a whole new collection called Lacy, and they sent me a free pair to test. ExOfficio has listened to their customers’ feed back about the not so sexy travel underwear style, and this new collection claims to be the sexy travel underwear style. This sounded interesting, […]

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Travel Towel Reviews – Best Travel Towel – Which To Buy?

Travel Towels are among the most bulky items to pack when traveling around the world, they take up too much space and take forever to dry. So ever since I bought my first travel towel it’s been much easier. So what is the Best Travel Towel? The major difference you will find from a normal […]

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Picasa vs Flickr

Picasa vs Flickr – Which Is The Travel Bloggers Choice?

How do you decide where to store and share your photos? There are literally hundreds of websites to choose between, and at a first glance they all look the same. Picasa Web Albums and Flickr are the two dominating sites – also run by Yahoo! and Google respectively – used to upload…

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To Celebrate Us Posting 200 Articles, You Can Win A $100 Travel Voucher!

WOW – we have just realized that this is our 200th post on As We Travel – which means we have posted around 140,000 words, in the last 8 months. I am so proud of Sofia – She is from Sweden, so English isn’t her first language. So, when going back over our travel articles from the […]

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