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How Old Is Too Old To Backpack?

There is a guy I know, who spent years dreaming about everything he wanted to do – most of all he wanted to travel the world and do some crazy adventures. But life never seemed to work that way for him, and he never seemed to have any time to do all that he dreamed. Today, he is […]

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Do We Travel To Escape Reality?

My grandmother has a very specific view of people who travel a lot, especially old people. She can’t understand how they can’t just be happy with staying at home, why their souls are so restless and unhappy with their current situation. I hear and read this a lot: If you travel all the time, you’re […]

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Fear of Flying? Overcome your fear in 3 Simple Steps

People can love traveling, but have a deep fear of flying. Some dislike it more than others, but I’m sure that we all have that thought crossing our minds that an accident could happen. For some people, the thought just passes quickly through the mind, while for others the thought won’t leave them until they […]

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Having A Hand To Hold While Traveling

Traveling as a couple has its ups and downs, and it really isn’t all a bed of roses. Something you have to be prepared for is having to cope with things you wouldn’t need to if you traveled alone. For example, when I get really hungry I’m not that fun to be around, and Nathan […]

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The Power Of Saying Yes While Traveling

There is one word which is more powerful than any other word, a word that makes you go either right or left – I’m talking about the “YES” word. ‘Yes’ is by far the most powerful word in the world. Saying yes to something can completely transform your life. It’s crazy to think that such […]

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Travel Question – How To Adapt Yourself To New Cultures

How You Can Learn To Adapt Yourself To New Cultures While Traveling This week we received a question from Patricia. “Hey Nathan and Sofia. In the post 5 things i love about traveling you wrote that you love meeting new cultures. I like doing this as well but find it hard sometimes to adapt myself […]

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5 Things I Love About Traveling

5 Reasons I Love To Travel Luckily, the 5 things I hate about traveling don’t outweigh the 5 things I love about it. Having the ability to travel around the world is one of the most amazing things in the world, there are so many awesome things to learn, and help us grow – I […]

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5 Things I Learned From Meeting The Happiest People In The World, Vanuatu

5 Things (Life Lessons) I Learned While Visiting Vanuatu From Hanging Out With Some Of The Happiest People In The World. You learn a lot when you go traveling, especially from the people you meet along the way. Out of all the places I’ve been, there is no place where I’ve learned so much about […]

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Travel Question – What Phrases Do You Use Most While Traveling?

Travel Question – What Phrases Do You Use Most While Traveling? This week we received a question from Hannah – Hey guys! I’ve got a question of the week for you – What phrases have you used the most when traveling? Hey Hannah! Good question. It makes me think back on when we moved to […]

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10 Ways To Stop Stress When You Travel

10 Ways To Stop Stress When You Travel Traveling isn’t all about lying under a palm tree sipping from a dirt-cheap Cocktail on the beach. Yeah OK, a big part of it is :p – but traveling is also a hectic lifestyle full of stress, both physically and mentally. My body really took a toll […]

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