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Stop stress when you travel

10 Ways To Stop Stress When You Travel ~ Top Tips

Traveling isn’t all about lying under a palm tree, reading on the beach. Well, sometimes a big part of it is — once you actual are settled at your destination. Generally, there is a lot of stress when you travel, both physically and mentally. My body really took a toll on me during my first 9 […]

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Tapping into Your Adventurous Side When Traveling

Tapping into Your Adventurous Side When Traveling

When traveling, it is so easy to just lay back and enjoy the moment, let the days go by, often not ever leaving our comfort zone. Every country around the world is full of adventures, new places to see, beaches to enjoy, mountains to climb. Why not make your memories last and explore the wilder […]

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Dealing With Culture Shock While Traveling

One of the things you’re likely to face at some point during your travels is culture shock – these can range from the smallest details to massive moral issues, and even on arranged group holidays it’s impossible to avoid, so it’s crucial to learn how to deal with it whenever it shows up. I’m far from […]

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How Traveling Helps Me Get Out Of My Comfort Zone

I’ve always had this fascination/fear of doing things outside of my comfort zone – I love it and hate it at the same time, BUT it’s the feeling afterwards which gets me addicted to it. Everything from speaking in public to learning new skills like skiing and surfing – I keep doing it and keep looking […]

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When Travel Becomes About More Than Just Sunbathing & Drinking

Every year millions of people pack their bags and head towards wherever the sun is shining – Swedish people are among the most devoted sun worshipers of all. Because the sun doesn’t shine very often in Sweden, people here want to make the most of it when they have the chance, and often that means […]

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What Lonely Planet Guide Books And The Bible Have In Common

I’m not a religious person, in fact, I quit the automatic-at-birth church membership they sign you up for in Sweden last year. However, I’ve always enjoyed visiting churches, I feel that there is something special about them, something very comforting. I feel safe and calm when …

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How Old Is Too Old To Backpack?

There is a guy I know, who spent years dreaming about everything he wanted to do – most of all he wanted to travel the world and do some crazy adventures. But life never seemed to work that way for him, and he never seemed to have any time to do all that he dreamed. Today, he is […]

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Do We Travel To Escape Reality?

My grandmother has a very specific view of people who travel a lot, especially old people. She can’t understand how they can’t just be happy with staying at home, why their souls are so restless and unhappy with their current situation. I hear and read this a lot: If you travel all the time, you’re […]

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Fear of Flying? Overcome your fear in 3 Simple Steps

People can love traveling, but have a deep fear of flying. Some dislike it more than others, but I’m sure that we all have that thought crossing our minds that an accident could happen. For some people, the thought just passes quickly through the mind, while for others the thought won’t leave them until they have […]

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Having A Hand To Hold While Traveling

Traveling as a couple has its ups and downs, and it really isn’t all a bed of roses. Something you have to be prepared for is having to cope with things you wouldn’t need to if you traveled alone. For example, when I get really hungry I’m not that fun to be around, and Nathan has […]

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