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vaccination shots

Vaccination Shots Protect You Overseas, Is that Enough?

Nope, it is not. These days, you need to do much more. Planning an overseas trip for the first time is exciting and at times it is time-consuming and maybe even boring too. When you select your destination, and then plan an itinerary, it is all fun. But there are loads of things to do when […]

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Simple Ways To Avoid Jetlag Without Drugs

Simple Ways To Avoid Jetlag Without Drugs

Jetlag is a problem that a lot of travelers have to deal with when crossing multiple time zones—it disrupts the natural circadian rhythm and messes up the natural sleeping and eating schedules. Common issues one experiences when having jetlag is sleepiness and lethargy during the day, irritability, fatigue, indigestion and constipation, loss of focus and […]

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Understanding Difference between Skin Cancer – Mesothelioma

Understanding Difference between Skin Cancer – Mesothelioma: According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than ten thousand people fall victim to skin cancer in the U.S. on an annual basis. This means that one out of five Americans is liable to developing skin cancer within their lifetime. With millions of people being diagnosed with skin cancer […]

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Can Help In an Accident Abroad

Accidents just happen, regardless of place or time. If you’re involved in an accident in your home country, you could easily get all the medical attention you want in accordance to your health plan. However, if you happen to be outside U.S. soil at the time of the accident, then there’s a pretty good chance […]

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Travel Issues

5 Common Travel Issues and How to Avoid Them

Hopefully you will never have to experience any of these travel issues like these while traveling, but it’s best to be prepared in advance should this happen. Something as simple as jet lag or stomach issues can put a real damper on your vacation. If you’re not prepared for travel issues before leaving, your trip […]

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