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Understanding Difference between Skin Cancer – Mesothelioma

Understanding Difference between Skin Cancer – Mesothelioma: According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than ten thousand people fall victim to skin cancer in the U.S. on an annual basis. This means that one out of five Americans is liable to developing skin cancer within their lifetime. With millions of people being diagnosed with skin cancer […]

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Can Help In an Accident Abroad

Accidents just happen, regardless of place or time. If you’re involved in an accident in your home country, you could easily get all the medical attention you want in accordance to your health plan. However, if you happen to be outside U.S. soil at the time of the accident, then there’s a pretty good chance […]

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Travel Issues

5 Common Travel Issues and How to Avoid Them

Hopefully you will never have to experience any of these travel issues like these while traveling, but it’s best to be prepared in advance should this happen. Something as simple as jet lag or stomach issues can put a real damper on your vacation. If you’re not prepared for travel issues before leaving, your trip […]

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How To Make a Claim On Your Travel Insurance

How To Make a Claim On Your Travel Insurance

The most common mistakes people make when choosing travel insurance is not to read through the terms and conditions and find out exactly what it covers – I’ve seen sport insurances that only cover the equipment when it’s not being used, which makes the insurance basically useless. Some travel insurance companies are very elusive in describing […]

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Nightmare Hostel

Nightmare Hostel Stories, Every Backpacker Has One

Staying in a hostel can be a great way of traveling – it’s cheap, it allows you to meet other travelers, and they often have travel booking facilities so you can arrange tours with your newly made hostel buddies. However, staying in a hostel can have its downsides too, especially for travel newbies and visitors who […]

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Exotic Fruits

Weird Exotic Fruits Around The World Awakens Your Curiosity

Some people don’t like the word “exotic” – others jump at the opportunity to say that this or that fruit isn’t exotic anymore or isn’t Exotic Fruits for this or that country. But you know what? I like the word exotic – it awakens a curiosity within me, an excitement of a world that perhaps is not yet […]

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How We Got Mugged In Malaysia

How We Got Mugged In Malaysia

A few weeks ago – we were sitting in a colorful Trishaw (bicycle taxi), touring the streets of Georgetown in Penang while filming a new travel episode and chitchatting with the old wrinkled man behind us pushing the bike. In reality, it would have been faster to simply walk, so it was a little funny to see people […]

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Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 11.22.17 AM

Top 5 Holidays For Your Body & Soul

It’s all very well planning a city break to feed your inner culture vulture or a gastronomic experience to tempt your taste buds – but have you considered planning a holiday that focuses on your wellbeing? From month long relaxing retreats to cheap spa breaks, there are plenty of holidays out there that’ll help get […]

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Understand Travel Insurance for First-Time Traveler

Travel Advice – Understand Travel Insurance: An essential part of your backpacking plans should involve getting and understanding travel insurance. You’ll need to speak to your insurance provider and investigate your policy thoroughly to verify details of exactly what your policy does and doesn’t cover. For worldwide travel insurance Money Supermarket has a database of travel […]

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How To Keep Fit While Traveling

When you travel, things are quite different from usual – you tend to party more, drink more and stress more, and all of this combined really takes a toll on your body. Often, travel turns out to be anything but relaxing. Your daily agenda is crammed with so many must-see and must do …

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