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Driving in Australia - Tips To Consider

Driving in Australia – Tips To Consider

Australian drivers enjoy the same clear, concise driving rules and publicly posted directions like most countries of the world. Driving in any new city or country is always a challenge, even more when you need to drive on the “wrong” side of the road! The key is in knowing the basics, keeping the rules in […]

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Promoting Adventurous Spirit at a Young Age

Promoting Adventurous Spirit at a Young Age

How young were you when you realized you had a thirst for adventure? The average age of a traveller seems to be getting younger with each passing year and people are craving adventure at an increasingly earlier age.   Research indicates that a child must taste food at least 10 times before he or she […]

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Gap Year Money Management Tips

Gap Year Money Management Tips

A great gap year will result in new friendships and life-long memories, so having a good financial plan and money management skills will help you to fully enjoy the experience. Worrying about running out of money or having your money stolen is no way to spend a trip — follow these tips to prevent financial […]

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Full-Time Traveling - RV Style

Full-Time Traveling – RV Style

Full-Time Traveling, RV Style Do you ever dream about traveling full-time? Getting a job you can do from the road and then never getting off it? Then maybe it’s time to join the legions of people living in RVs and seeing the world. We’ve already written about the benefits of leisurely driving over stressful air […]

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Tips for Stress Free Air Travel

Tips for Stress Free Air Travel

When going on a trip or on vacation, you always have a lot to organize and to remember. This applies to all methods of travel – car journeys, bus trips and train rides – but there’s nothing more stressful than flying. With the check-in, strict hand luggage requirements, security checks, passport control, navigating the airport […]

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First Time Backpackers

Safety Tips For First Time Backpackers is Important to Stay Safe

Whether you’re spending your summer holidays inter-railing around Europe, your gap year volunteering in South East Asia or you’ve taken a year off work for a round-the-world trip, it’s important to stay safe whilst travelling For First Time Backpackers. Here are 5 safety tips for first time backpackers … Don’t Flash Your Cash. Although most places […]

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Travel Insurance Is Not A Luxury, It's Essential!

Travel Insurance Is Not A Luxury, It’s Essential!

While they say the best way to learn a lesson is to learn from your own mistakes, we have a tendency to forget what we learn over a period of time. Sometimes, that’s a good thing – for example when we forget just how much a broken heart hurts, and throw ourselves right back in […]

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Sexy & Useful Holiday Hairstyles

Holiday Hairstyles - Clothes get scruffy and lose shape quickly when you’re on the road, and given the small space in your bag you don’t have a whole lot of outfits to play with – all I have are two t-shirts, a pair of shorts and two dresses, in other words I only have a handful […]

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How To Make Travel Look Good On Your CV

Many people, especially those on a competitive career path, are very hesitant about taking some time off to travel the world. I’ve met people who say that they would love to travel the world for a year, and that they probably will – one day … “One day, when I’ve finished studying”, “One day, when […]

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Travel Insurance – What You Need To Know

One thing we all have to buy before leaving on our long-term travels is travel insurance – traveling the world without an insurance is really not worth it in case something serious happens. But the travel insurance industry is like a jungle, it’s really difficult to know which one to choose and what they normally […]

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