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Luxury Safari Wildlife: Luxury safaris in Africa are usually mostly about wildlife – this is unsurprising considering the extraordinary wildlife sights you can see while there. Often it is people’s desire to get a bit closer and really experience the feeling of being close to nature.

This can happen in several ways – elephant back safaris in Botswana and South Africa offer a chance to meet these gentle giants and explore the bush from their point of view. Riding safaris which take place all over Africa also offer a similar option, your safari is very peaceful and game reacts naturally to your presence when on a horse.

Of course the mountain gorillas are very enticing – visit Rwanda or Uganda and trek the Volcanoes to come face to face with these heavily endangered human like mammals. One can also track chimpanzees in Western Tanzania, collar lions in South Africa, track wild dog in Kenya – all of this is blown out of the water when you come face to face with a family of habituated meerkats.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Luxury safari properties San Camp, Jack’s Camp and Camp Kalahari in Botswana, as well as Tswalu Kalahari in South Africa all offer the chance to get out of the vehicle and relax with habituated families of meerkats in the morning or evening.

To hang out with these adorable creatures as they forage, play and interact like a small family of humans is nothing short of mesmerizing. If you are lucky the appointed sentry will also politely climb onto your head so that he might get a better view of the surrounding area and any danger that might be present.

It is the meerkats mannerisms and general demeanor that is so endearing and one cannot fail to be completely charmed by them.

They have very human characteristics as they tell each other off, play and seemingly help each other negotiate the African bush. It is a most enjoyable morning or afternoon spent lying in the sunshine watching these family groups go about their business around you.

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