Best Destinations on a Red Sea Cruise North Africa

In Awe of North Africa

In Awe of North Africa

In Awe of North Africa

A trip to North Africa will promise to give you a fascinating experience full of history, culture and great beaches. Whether you decide upon holidays in Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco or the Gambia you will be certain to receive a cheerful and memorable welcome and enjoy an unforgettable stay in one of the world’s most fascinating countries.

Trips with tour operators, can bring this world to your doorstep, offering you a readymade deal including flights and accommodation, leaving you free to plan the excursions for your stay.

The fantastic climate is perfect for those who wish to sun bathe on the glorious beaches or relax under the shade of the palm trees surrounding the luxurious resorts. But the real draw of Africa lies in its colourful past.

The Gambia has a turbulent and overwhelming history with its roots set at the heart of the slave trade, and many mementos of this terrible experience exist today. It is a cultural mine of information; but the Gambia doesn’t spend all of its time looking back. Tourism has developed at pace here, and visitors delight in its sub-tropical climate, endless sandy beaches and contemporary hotels.

Tunisia is one of Africa’s most popular holiday destinations, thanks to its endless golden sands and beautiful green landscapes giving way to mountains, rivers and lakes. The scenery is picturesque and the wildlife is abundant. Egypt of course is well known for its vast historical wealth of pyramids, Egyptian pharaohs and breathtaking monuments but it has also become a diving mecca and a holiday hotspot with excellent resorts throughout the region.

Then there’s Morocco with its multitude of cultural influences – from bustling market towns to idyllic beaches – which will delight and charm you during your stay.

The North of Africa is home to so much and to book your next vacation in any one of these regions will be the start of a lifelong fascination.

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top 5 destinations on a Red Sea Cruise

One of the hottest new cruise destinations is the Red Sea – this destination is incredible historic, boasts some breathtaking scenery and is home to countless attractions and monuments in both Egypt and Jordan.

Many people are also surprised to find out that the Red Sea is home to several beautiful beaches, as well as recreation opportunities like scuba diving and swimming – keep reading to learn more about the top five destinations on a Red Sea Cruise – why not check out Thomson Cruises for great deals around the Red Sea.

1. Sharm el Sheikh.

Red Sea Cruise

Red Sea Cruise

This is easily one of the most popular destinations for a cruise in the Red Sea. Although there is no main tourism attraction per se, the beach itself is what draws in millions of visitors each year.

While swimming, tanning, relaxing or exploring the beach are all great ways to pass the time, it is the snorkelling and scuba diving that makes Sharm el Sheikh the most popular and impressive beach resort in all of Egypt.

2. Port Sokhna.

Port Sokhna

Port Sokhna

Few people have heard of Port Sokhna, but it is where most cruise passengers disembark to explore Cairo, which is just a few miles from the port itself.

In the city of Cairo there are countless attractions to explore, including the Museum of Cairo and the Coptic Museum, but it is the nearby Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza that people are typically the most excited to see.

3. Luxor.

Nile River, Luxor

Nile River, Luxor

Located on the banks of the Nile River, Luxor was once the capital of the Egyptian civilization. Today, it is a top destination for travelers who want to get an insight into the deep history of this place.

Passengers will typically disembark at Port Safaga and travel the 45 minutes to nearby Luxor in order to explore the Valley of the Kings.

It is here that visitors will be able to see the Tomb of Tutankhamun, the Tomb of Ramesses VI and countless other ancient historic landmarks.

4. Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

Parts of the Red Sea border the beautiful country of Jordan, and there is no destination more remarkable to visit than Petra.

Petra is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and boasts several different structures carved from the almost pink rocks.

5. Hurghada



Although Hurghada may not be quite as big or as popular as Sharm el Sheikh, it is certainly every bit as beautiful.

This coastal destination in Egypt is a common location for the cheapest cruises in the Red Sea, and the area offers great opportunities for scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling or even horseback riding on the beach.

It is clear to see that cruises along the Red Sea offer everything from historical landmarks to relaxing beaches for passengers to enjoy whilst on their holidays.

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