Tips for Stress Free Air Travel

When going on a trip or on vacation, you always have a lot to organize and to remember. This applies to all methods of travel – car journeys, bus trips and train rides – but there’s nothing more stressful than flying. With the check-in, strict hand luggage requirements, security checks, passport control, navigating the airport and ensuring that you don’t miss your flight, flying can be stressful at the best of times. Here are just a few tips on how to make the whole flying thing a little easier…

Check-in online before you get to the airport

Most airlines now let you check-in online, allowing you to print off your boarding pass at home or to have it sent to your smart phone. Checking-in online is simple and straight forward, and it means that you no longer have to queue at the check-in desk or have to get to the airport super early. If you want to check-in hold luggage, typically airlines will have a baggage drop-off where you can simply drop-off your case. Nevertheless, you should be at the airport about 2 hours before take-off to be well relaxed.

Travel light

Try to pack as light as possible and be realistic about what you will and won’t actually need on your trip. It can be tempting to pack for all possible occasions and weather eventualities but in those cases, you’re not going to use half of what you’re carrying. If you’re flying budget and your trip is only for a short period, try sticking to just taking hand luggage. This will save you having to pay to check-in luggage and save you the hassle of having to check it in and then wait to collect it at baggage reclaim – and you won’t have to worry about lost luggage! If you do have to check baggage in, then keep your hand-luggage to a minimum, using a smaller bag you can fit under your seat. This will save you the stress of fighting for space in the overhead lockers for a larger bag and from having to carry around excessive luggage to the gate. However, trying to travel carry-on can sometimes turn out being more stressful than simply checking in your luggage, since you will be charged a hefty fee if you’re not allowed to bring your bags as carry-on. The best way to stop worrying is to buy an approved “carry-on sized bag” so you know the measurements are correct, and bring a hand scale with you so you can make sure your bag weighs under the maximum limit.

Arrange airport transfers before you fly

The third important step towards a stress free and long awaited travel is the airport transfer. For most flyers, the biggest concern is whether they will arrive get to the airport on time to catch their flight and whether they’ve given themselves enough time. Particularly when you’re relying on public transport, you have the added pressure of having to catch the bus or train in question on time to reach the airport in a timely manner. To save you this added stress, a good option is to opt for a private airport transfer service like the one from Blacklane. That way you can relax knowing that you will be picked up on-time, that you don’t have to worry about carrying all your luggage and that you can leave your driver to navigate you directly to the airport in the comfort of a luxury vehicle. In the same way, this also applies to your onward journey once you’ve landed at the airport and want to reach your desired destination. Having these three essentials in mind, there is nothing keeping you from exactly what a nice trip should be – a stress-free and relaxing vacation.

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