6 Things To Do In Malaysia

Malaysia is a country where you will find an obvious West /East meeting point – combine the two and you get a crazy mixture – where Dutch clogs go with Indian curry and Portuguese churches. It is a total mix of both the best and the worst of each culture, and you either hate it or love it, but you’ll never leave Malaysia without a strong impression. I changed my mind about this country many times. At first I hated it, then I didn’t know what to think, and eventually I loved it. For me Malaysia was one of those countries which grows on you, and will show it’s good side if you just give it some time. These are my top picks for having the best experience on mainland Malaysia (I have yet to visit my dream location: Borneo). Checkout our Kuala Lumpur City Guide

Things To Do In Malaysia

Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is full of exotic flowers loving the cool, wet climate in the hills.

Cameron Highlands in Malaysia

Cameron Highlands in Malaysia

Visiting The Malls In Kuala Lumpur

The crazy thing about Kuala Lumpur is that you can basically travel through the whole city never walking OUT of shopping malls! Wherever you go you will suddenly find yourself inside another and then another shopping mall.

When you step off the tram you have already stepped into a mall – to be able to find your way in these mega malls you often need a map.

Visiting the malls in KL is an experience even if you’re not buying anything. There is always something going on, beauty competitions, runway shows, shows for newly released watches and other luxury items, and in one of the malls they have actually built an indoor roller-coaster..!

Tea And Strawberries In Cameron Highlands

Tea And Strawberries In Cameron Highlands

Tea And Strawberries In Cameron Highlands

The fun and odd thing about Malaysia is the well embedded multi-culture of the country.

People from countries and religions all over the world have shared this land for centuries, and have settled their own traditions and cultures in the city.

In Cameron Highlands you will see the British culture with strawberry plantations, European flora and fauna as well as the tea plantations.

The climate is a lot colder, and I haven’t seen any place like this in South East Asia – a great place to get away from the normally humid, warm Asia.

Our visit to Cameron Highlands turned out to be a very rainy one…

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

Chilling Out On The Perhentian Islands

These are a group of islands you literally will never want to leave. We stayed there for two weeks instead of the planned 3 days.

It has that typical “hide away” feeling and the islands are far from exploited.

When we went there there weren’t many tourists at all, and they also tended to only stay on the most popular island and only on that very beach, not even looking around to see what more there was on the island.

The water is warm and crystal clear, and you can take your PADI diving certificate, go island hopping or just go snorkeling all day long.

Penang Food Famous Malaysia Sweets

Malaysia is know to have the best food in all of Asia, and it certainly is diverse. Thanks to all the influence of different countries and their food traditions, Malaysia food is a mixture of it all together. Some food is really strange, but much of it is pretty tasty too. Don’t be surprised if you see Dutch Apfelstrudeln (apple pie) next to Indian Samosa on the menu!

Penang Food –  Penang is famous for many things, but the reason we wanted to go there was simple: the Penang Food was supposedly amazing.

When we heard this we were sold, and left Thailand to indulge in Indian curries for one fifth of the price in Penang.

What makes Penang a food heaven are the many varieties of cuisine; Arabic food stalls, thai restaurants, Indian, Malay, Nyonya, Chinese, Lebanese… the list goes on.

Here are a few of our favorite of the famous Malaysia sweets

Nyonya Kuih in Palm Sugar Sauce

Nyonya Kuih in Palm Sugar Sauce

Nyonya Kuih in Palm Sugar Sauce

Made of glutinous rice this steamed sweet is actually pretty tasty. The palm sugar coconut sauce tasted a bit like licorice, and the nyonya kuih was also pretty nice, if you’re used to jelly sweets.

It’s made out of pea flour and Pandan juice. There are many different varieties of the Kuih, but ours was pretty simple with one layer only. The Nyonya kuihs are very popular in Penang.

Nyonya is a traditional Penang food, and refer to the Chinese migrants who came to Penang and other parts of Malaysia in the 18th century. The food is a mixture between Malay and Chinese cuisine, and is called Nyonya food.


Green noodles in coconut milk, brown sugar and shaved ice. Yes, you read it correctly, those are the actual ingredients… It sounds crazy, but it’s one of the most common desserts in Malaysia and has been part of the Penang food tradition for decades (some have been selling Cendol since the 1920’s), and although it’s weird, it’s worth a try just to know what this combination would taste like!

Fried Ais Krim Goreng

Fried Ais Krim Goreng

Fried Ais Krim Goreng

The ultimate recipe for weight gain (although they’re small in size), but oh so delicious!

Some people might not like the warm oily deep fried crust covering cold and creamy cookies and cream ice cream inside – but I LOVED it.

The Fried Ais Krim Goreng is a Malaysian favorite treat, and you’ll see it everywhere on the Penang food menus.

Ais Kachang

Ais Kachang

Ais Kachang

The famous national Malaysian favorite dessert, Ais Kacang – is just so weird that you have to try it; Beans, corn, fruit, nata de coco, grass jelly, cubes of  agar agar, and ice cream on top… Yeah, it really tastes as weird as it sounds!

If the Penang food isn’t surprising enough for your taste buds, I can guarantee you that this dessert will be. This is even weirder than Cendol – this is the weirdest dessert I’ve ever had. Red beans, ice cream, lychee fruit, corn, shaven ice and grass jelly? All mixed up, and it tastes….interesting…

Parts of the dish are sweet and blend together really well, like the fresh fruit, ice cream and jelly. But then you get these bites of bean, corn and water (the ice melts really quickly), which doesn’t blend very well with he flavors.

The Ais Kachang used to only consist of shaved ice and red beans, so the additional flavors – if a little strange, definitely make this type of Penang food taste better.

Indian Sweets



When in Georgetown, you have to try the Indian sweets! The Indian servings are pretty big (some gigantic, so look out!), so you probably won’t feel like dessert when walking out of the restaurant – but buy it for later, because you will want to try and see what those bright colored things really taste like.

Don’t expect anything sweet like the western candy, this is totally different. Karanji is a common sweet, but there are often whole stalls selling Indian sweets only, in all kinds of colors and shapes.

Steamed and Fried Kuih

Fried Kuih is a local delicacy in Malaysia, a mixture between Chinese and Malay style cuisine. They come in all shapes and colors.

The Kuih is a rather strange part of the traditional Penang food, as it almost looks inedible. It actually tastes pretty good, and is not as sweet as it looks. Many Malays have a plate of Kuih only for lunch, and since they’re pretty filling, that is enough food to last you a few hours.

Steamed and Fried Kuih

Steamed and Fried Kuih

Ride A Trishaw In Melaka

Trishaw In Melaka

Trishaw In Melaka

If you think you’ve seen it all, you must check out the colorful trishaws.

These bike taxis outshine all other forms transports from around the world!

For the taxi-bike drivers it is fierce competition to have the coolest bike, decorating it with all junk you could ever find, and the more glitter and lights the better.

To top it, these guys take you around the city with techno music pumping out of their speakers at the highest volume.

The Crazy Multi-Culture Connection

People from all religions live together here, in a country with several cultural heritages, and it’s all just a mixture of everything; Dutch clogs, belly dancing, karaoke contests – and temple dance classes.

Everywhere we went in Malaysia they were having dance classes. Men and women, young and old, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu, all practicing dance moves together. This in all sorts of places, all from 90’s pop music in a public garage to “Pussy Cat Dolls” in a temple.

Enjoyment And Relaxation In The Perhentian Islands

I hadn’t quite been able to make up my mind about Malaysia yet. At first I hated it, then I didn’t know what to think – and then we went to the Perhentian islands on the east coast. Do I need to say more than – this was the view from our bedroom!

Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Islands

I truly believe that it is humanly impossible not to fall in love with these islands (if you despite this hated them, please comment below and tell me why!), it really is paradise itself.

We were going to stay for only 3 days, but ended up staying for a little more than 2 weeks (16 days!) – after some time in the bustling Kuala Lumpur we needed to escape somewhere quiet for a bit – and this couldn’t have been a better place to end up in.

We didn’t realize how much we needed this until we arrived at the beach.

I really enjoyed the peace and the fact that there was pretty much nothing to do but relaxing, swimming and reading a nice book by the beach. If there would have been a lot of crazy adventure we wouldn’t have been able to stand against the temptation and would have continued to burn ourselves out – this place is the PERFECT stress release and relaxation place!

I guess we weren’t the only couple enjoying the island… 😉

These lizards were MASSIVE by the way – not something you really want to meet in the middle of the night, and then finding out they like to eat anything and everything – scary!

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