Things To Do In Geneva Switzerland

Things to do in Geneva Switzerland – Geneva is without a doubt one of Europe’s finest cities – it’s incredibly picturesque and it’s one of the most important in terms of its place in the world. Unfortunately Geneva is also one of Europe’s priciest cities – which can often put people off from scheduling a short city break there.

However, Switzerland’s third largest city, which sits around the sparkling shores of Europe’s largest Alpine lake, has plenty to offer and you will find many great things to do in GenevaBelow we’ve listed the best things to do in Geneva, the Swiss city of light:

Things To Do In Geneva Switzerland

United Nations HQ

Any trip to Geneva would not be complete without a visit to the United Nations headquarters.  Constructed between 1929 and 1936, the Palais des Nations became the United Nations headquarters in 1946. The grounds contain a vast wooded park that overlooks the lake and can be regularly seen to be patrolled by peacocks that live on the grounds around Pregny gate.

Geneva is not only home to the UN, it often seems as if the whole of the world is situated here – the International Red Cross, International Labour Organization, World Health Organization. You name it, they’re all here!

The Lake

Geneva’s lakefront has beautiful views of Mount Blanc on a clear day, making it one of the city’s greatest assets. The impressive fountain Jet d’eau reaches up to 450 feet in the air and is surrounded by beautiful floral displays and boats, and walking along the shore path by the lake on a beautiful day is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Geneva.

The Old Town

The picture-postcard Old Town, or Vielle Ville, contains some of the city’s most notable attractions, including the Barbier-Mueller Museum, the Cathédrale St-Pierre and the Maison Tavel.

This area is also the main shopping area which is a pleasant district to explore with its terra cotta coloured cobblestones and stunning cathedral architecture.

Salève Cable Car

Things To Do In Geneva Switzerland

Things To Do In Geneva Switzerland

The Salève cable car is situated in the Haute Savoie, just over the French Border – this high alpine ridge has a stunning view of Mt. Blanc and the Lake Geneva area, as well as miles of walking trails.

Prices depend on the age of travellers and whether you want a single / return trip – but generally cost less than 10€. Medical care is incredibly expensive in Switzerland, so whenever you travel to Geneva (or anywhere in Switzerland), make sure you are covered adequately with the right travel insurance policy by visiting Insure & Away, who have a wide range of single trip, annual multi trip & world travel insurance policies to suit any overseas trip.

Have you been? if so what did you think of the city? do you have any other tips of things to do in Geneva?

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Our 5-Days In Switzerland

It is now official – we will be leaving Switzerland in three weeks. The tickets are booked and some sort of travel plan has been made. After I’ve finished cleaning a holiday apartment (a 3-hour-job that pays for both mine and Nathan’s flight tickets. Gotta love the Swiss money!) we’re off to Basel. After that the plan is pretty loose, but that’s the way we like it.

While making our way down to Milan we will go through some random towns and villages in Switzerland. I think we’ll just jump off wherever we feel like it, just follow our gut feelings and stop wherever looks nice – with the GOAL to see as much of Switzerland as we can in 5 days. Does anyone have any ideas for quick train stop overs between Basel, Bern and Milan?

Our flight leaves in the morning from Milan. Well, it’s not actually Milan but a city about an hour away – AND that’s the way Ryan Air does it – every… single… fu*kin… time! When flying with Ryan Air, don’t ever go by the name of the city they claim the airport is located, it’s never right. For example the airport in Stockholm is in a town over two hours away, and their Vienna Airport isn’t in Vienna at all, it’s not even in the right country…If you’ve ever flown with Ryan Air you know it’s barely worth it.

Paying almost nothing is tempting, but once you’ve done it, once you’ve been there and experienced a Ryan Air flight, you’re hesitant if you’d ever want to do it again. We have decided to take that risk. We’re aware that 80% of the people flying with Ryan Air can’t handle the stress and the lack of oxygen among sweaty armpits all around you, and that they usually take their anger out on others. But this time we payed extra for priority seating (only 4euro extra). Oh yeah, we’re doing it the luxurious way, so long 200-meter queue!

But to be sure that we get to this airport in time, we will have to stay the night in Milan. I’ve heard nothing good about this place. Apparently it was included on a list of the worst cities in Europe… but what the heck, a place is what you make it, right?
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