Impressions From The Well Designed Toy Village Of Luxembourg

We only had one and a half days in Luxembourg, which according to Laurent, our guide – was the average length of a stay there.

Luxembourg is a small city, so it’s not a big surprise that people don’t give it more time, but I’m sure that those who have been there for a day, leave wishing they would have had another few days to explore.

Being there for one day still left a big impression on me, and here are my thoughts:

Everything is So Well-Designed

Pretty much every building established in the 20th century is designed by some world famous architect – there are also many little houses built in 17th century, but the newer ones stand out in all their glamor.

Like Laurent said, if the banks can afford hiring I. M. Pei (the guy who designed the Louvren glass pyramid) to design their bank building, then go ahead.

Even the supermarket was designed by some world class designer!

You’re Living In A Toy Railway Village

Look around yourself, and you’ll feel as though you have shrunken into a little toy figure, living in a miniature village in a kid’s toy railway set.

The bright green fluffy trees, the little river running along the frumpy little cottages in a valley, and high stone bridges where trains come passing every five minutes.

It’s almost unreal in some places!

The Tiny City Feels Huge

Luxembourg only has 90,000 inhabitants, but every day the city nearly doubles in size when people come in to work from out of town.

Many people who work in Luxembourg come in every morning from France, Belgium and other nearby countries, so during rush hour the streets are crammed with people and cars.

Luxembourg was a city of contrast: you could get the impression of a big city or small town depending on WHEN you were outside and WHERE you went. The old town is quiet, small and quaint, while in the new area you saw high rise buildings, European institutions and men in suits.

The Country Has A Longer History Than You Think

The country has a history dating back almost 1000 years, and although the remainings from the fortress give the city a romantic look today, it was far from romantic for the people who lived there when the fortress was in use.

Luxembourg used to be surrounded by three big stone walls to protect themselves from attack, this made it extremely difficult to get inside the city, but also very difficult to leave.

History is everywhere in Luxembourg, and the people want to keep it that way. It’s nice to see how they have kept the beautiful old houses and historic buildings, and then have put the modern designed skyscrapers a good distance away from the old town.

Have you ever been to Luxembourg? What did you think about it?

5 Responses to Impressions From The Well Designed Toy Village Of Luxembourg

  1. Sandra June 18, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    awww that city really does look SO cute! Never heard much about the place, but seems really cute.

    • Nathan - As We Travel June 18, 2011 at 11:58 am #

      Yeah the town was really ‘cute’ – I also had never heard much about the place before, but we really wished we had spent a few more days there, to really make sure we saw everything.

  2. Therunawayguide June 18, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    Hey Guys, Luxembourg seems cool. Thanks for the post and history/facts. I just watched your video on Brussels and found it really entertaining. I liked the most popular attraction, the manneken peeing haha. Great! I bet there are some more of those in France for some reason. You should make a montage of statues peeing. 
    Keep on with the train challenge, I’m enjoying it and can’t wait to get out there as well. 
    Safe travels,


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