Top 5 Attractions In Bali Indonesia Favored Destination for Travelers

From spectacular beaches to majestic temples and unique cultural displays, Top 5 Attractions In Bali Indonesia is a favored destination for travelers in search of something exotic. This Indonesian province encompasses the isle of Bali as well as a few neighbouring islands, and is home to most of the country’s Hindu minority. Bali is treasured for its rich culture, with music and arts that date back several centuries. Whether you’re staying at a hotel or renting one of the many available villas in Bali, make sure you plan to visit some of these memorable Top 5 Attractions In Bali Indonesia attractions.

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Best Places To Visit In Bali Indonesia

The Top 5 Attractions In Bali Indonesia

Besakih Temple Bali Indonesia

Perched 1,000 meters up on Mount Agung, Besakih is known as Bali’s “Mother Temple”. It is the largest and holiest temple on the island, with a breathtaking view of rice paddies and nearby hills and streams. It is said that the first revelation from Balinese Hindu God Hyang Rsi Markendya was received here. The main structure consists of three temples, dedicated to the Hindu trinity. Also, Besakih is the only temple open to devotees from any caste group.

Mount Batur Bali Indonesia

Also known as Kintamani, this active volcano is renowned for majestic views of its surrounding valley.

The beautiful Lake Batur fills a large part of its caldera, and down below are three ancient villages set amongst hot springs and fertile lava fields.

With its mineral-rich soil, this area is a noted producer of high quality fruits and vegetables. Hiking up Mount Batur usually takes at least three hours, and official guides are recommended.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces/Ubud

Ubud is famed for beautiful rice paddies that employ subak, a traditional cooperative irrigation system originally brought by a revered holy man from India in the 8th century.

Tegallalang is a perfect spot from which to view this dramatic scenery. Its high roadside location is a favorite among painters and photographers, as it looks down across a green terraced valley of rice paddies.

The nearby village of Pakudui is full of woodworking artisans, making it an ideal place to shop for authentic Balinese sculpture and other wooden crafts.

Tanah Lot Temple

Along with Besakih, this is one of Bali’s most important temples. It sits on an offshore rock, which has been shaped by years of ocean tides. Tanah Lot is revered for a mystic beauty that includes gorgeous sunset backdrops. According to legend, a high priest from East Java traveled here in the 15th century to spread Hinduism and established the site to honor the sea god Baruna.

Bali Indonesia Safari And Marine Park

Covering 40 hectares in the Gianyar regency, this park is home to over 60 species of animals that roam free in large enclosures designed to mimic their natural habitats. There are animals from Indonesia, India and Africa, including sharks, baboons, Himalayan bears, and the famous Indian white tiger. Camel and elephant rides are available, and there are fascinating exhibits such as a replica of the ancient Indian fort where white tigers roam free. There’s also a guided safari tour that offers the chance to see and photograph exotic wildlife in the open range.

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