The Most Exciting Bike Routes In Amsterdam

Bicycles are to Amsterdam what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, and when you arrive you’ll discover that they’re not just a mode of transport, but a way of life! Hiring a bike and cycling around Amsterdam is the perfect way to see as much of the city as possible in the shortest amount of time, plus you’ll blend in with the locals, avoid contributing to the city’s emissions and help yourself to stay fit too. You have an endless choice of routes to take on bikes around Amsterdam after arriving on cheap flights from Jet2, but here are just some of the most unique.

The Most Exciting Bike Routes In Amsterdam

Explore the Vondelpark

Amsterdam’s Vondelpark is far from a well-kept secret where cycle routes are concerned, but there’s so much to see in here that it simply can’t be missed!

The Vondelpark is the largest public park in Amsterdam and as you travel along the winding paths, you’ll pass by many sparkling ponds and banks on which to stretch out and relax, but keep your eyes peeled for the hidden gems.

The Vondelpark is home to a wildlife reserve that herons, several species of duck and Amsterdam’s famous green parrots call their home, and as it’s in the middle of a pond you’ll need to look carefully – perhaps pack some binoculars? Once you’ve spotted the birds, carry on until you find the Blue Teahouse with its outside terrace and delicious homemade cakes.

Get Out Into the Countryside

Although Amsterdam itself is a beautiful city, don’t miss the opportunity to see the stunning countryside and charming towns that lay just a few miles outside the centre – and can be reached by bicycle.

In just half an hour, and by cycling along the picturesque Amsterdam-Rhine canal you can find yourself in Weesp, a historic town that still has many of the moats, forts and bastions with which it was once fortified.

In the centre of the town there are three windmills as well as a magnificent gothic church, and what’s more once you arrive in Weesp you’ll be within easy cycling distance to two more fascinating fortified towns, Muiden and Naarden.

Bohemian Biking in the Jordaan

Exciting Bike Routes In Amsterdam

Exciting Bike Routes In Amsterdam

Known as Amsterdam’s most trendy neighbourhood, the Jordaan was originally the area of the city reserved for the working class and immigrants, but is now inhabited by the young and trendy. You’ll find the Jordaan in the west of the city, and as its narrow streets are too narrow for public transport, it’s perfect for bikes! As you cycle around the Jordaan make sure you stop to read the plaques on the houses denoting the profession of its former residents, peer inside the windows of the craft boutiques, marvel at the beautiful Westerkerk where Rembrandt is buried, and visit the Anne Frank HouseIt can get busy here though, so if you don’t fancy the queues, head to the unique Houseboat Museum instead.

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4 Things To Know Exploring Tulip Fields in Netherlands

Who doesn’t fall in love with tulips? And if you are one of those who wait for the Spring to see them in full bloom, then you must visit tulip fields in Netherlands! Secondly, there is so much to know about these stunning flowers: different displays of colors, magnificent gardens full of tulips, and a lot more. Amsterdam has it all! However, before you head towards soothing your mood with those tulip fields, you should have some basic knowledge related to your trip. To ensure that you collect the best memories from the tulip fields in Netherlands, here is what you should know:

Where to Find the Amazing Tulip Fields in Netherlands

What is better than choosing an area that is popular for the growth of tulips? Unarguably, it is known as Sassenheim. It is located at the north side of Leiden, i.e. within the Zuid-Holland province. It comprises of a tiny village named, Lisse, in which you will find Keukenhof gardens. Have a look outside Keukenhof, and you will be able to see a shop that rents out bicycles. Once you rent the bike, and have got the map for directions, you are set to reach the tulip fields in Netherlands.

The Ideal Time to View the Tulip Fields in Netherlands

Many tourists consider going to the tulip fields when it is the best time of the year. Of course, you are lucky enough to have a great view of those charming tulips during the bloom. Make sure that you do not miss that ideal time to get hold of the tulip fields. The best way to ensure this is to utilize your holidays between the middle of April and the early May. Daffodils are planted around the same season, so there is a good chance of enjoying these yellow flowers while waiting for the tulip bulbs.

What You Should Have With You

As you travel through the places near the tulip fields in Netherlands, you will notice that there are not many places to sit, relax, and eat. This is one of the reasons why you need to bring something along with you. Water is the first and foremost item you must take with you. Besides this, get hold of some snacks if you plan to reach the tulip fields by your bicycle. Other than the necessary eatables, focus on your clothing. It often gets windy, and that is when you need to wear your jacket. Make sure that you have got one as well.

Other Activities You Can Choose

To enjoy the most in the Netherlands, there are numerous options you can choose from. A unique one is to take the kayak trip. If you prefer a guide to help you view the tulip fields, then you can take Lindbergh tour. Now what? Do not forget to visit the tulip fields located outside Amsterdam. The most special thing about those fields is the place will provide you a breathtaking sight of those red, pink, yellow, and orange tulips. Enjoy the beauty!

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