Tallinn Estonia the Capital City of Estonia

Founded in the 12th century, Tallinn with its ancient city walls, high church spires and red roof tops it was an irresistible sight. Walking around on the cobble stoned streets and alleyways lined with medieval houses in mixes of German, Russian, Swedish and Danish architecture, you feel as though you have stepped back in time. To add to the experience, shop keepers and restaurant waiters are all dressed up in medieval outfits. Some people might have found it a bit tacky, but personally I think it enhanced the feeling and made it easy to imagine what life would have been like a few hundred years ago.

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Tallinn Estonia the Capital City of Estonia – As We Travel Europe

Tallinn Estonia the capital city of Estonia

Tallinn Estonia the capital city of Estonia

We’re in Tallinn Estonia the capital city of Estonia. We’re going to start the morning by visiting the beautiful Town Wall. The Town Wall dates back to the 14th century, and it’s one of Europe’s best preserved medieval fortifications. It’s really impressive. It used to be 2.4 kilometers long, and today, 1.9 is still standing. I think it’s what gives Thailand its beautiful, medieval, fairy tale charm.  I think it’s so cute. When you’re a kid you hear about the fairy tales, and the knights, and the castles and the Princes, and you think it’s this wild imagination, but here in Tallinn, it’s real. It’s real. It’s so cute and it’s so amazing. Your imagination becomes a reality. It’s awesome.

Apparently, in the 17th century, this church behind me was one of the tallest buildings in the world. Let’s go and have a closer look. We were about to go in the church. You said it was the tallest building in the 17th century? We can’t go inside because there’s a wedding being held in there. I’ve never seen a steeple so tall before. It’s so long. Apparently, it’s been hit by lightning like for or five times, and each time it’s been burnt to the ground, so I’m really not sure why they built a steeple so high. We’re in Raekoja plats, the town square, which was a popular meeting place for locals and a few executions. One of the most famous executions was that of a priest who was served a really bad omelet, and he killed the waitress with an ax. Not exactly a good reason. Anyway, today there’s a lot of cafés around, so we’re going to go try and find some lunch.

Something I think really enhances the feeling of this Old Town are all the people here dressed up in medieval traditional clothes. I think it’s really cool. I just bought some roasted almonds from one of them, and they taste really nice. What Estonian people miss the most when they’re on holiday is the black bread. It’s Estonian rye bread, and it looks like this. It looks like a bloody brick. It’s so heavy. We bought—for two Euro, we bought 1.5 kilo of black bread. And it weighs a ton. This is crazy. Apparently, it tastes best with cheese. Let’s has a bite. That’s really good. That’s really nice. It’s really thick and very dark. Yeah really thick. Next we’re going to visit the most beautiful street in town.  They say that this is the most beautiful street in Tallinn, and it really, really is pretty, but to be honest, I think the whole Old Town is just beautiful. Now we’re going to go check out Alexander Nevsky’s Cathedral. We’re standing outside Alexander Nevsky’s Cathedral, a Russian orthodox cathedral which has become sort of an icon of Thailand, which some of the locals find a bit annoying, because they see it as a symbol of oppression from the Russians. Let’s have a look inside. Well they wouldn’t let us inside. We have no idea why. No, that’s the second time it’s happened today with churches. I think it looks really cooler from the outside. Those dome on top are really colorful, it’s a great structure. Since we can’t go inside, we’re going to walk around the corner and apparently there’s a great view overlooking Tallinn. I think it’s the best way to finish our day here.

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