Take a Break Travel: Your Personal Travel Agent Reviewed

The dawn of the internet has reduced the amount of travel agents in operation within the United States. Many online services have made it easier for travelers to book their vacations independently. Some travel agents have continued to provide customers with a superior service in comparison to their online rivals.

Take a Break Travel, an agency based in Florida, has revamped the way modern travelers can tour the world. Their ability to bulk purchase flights and hotels means that ordinary people can pick up industry savings without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Personal Travel Agent Reviewed

Personal Travel Agent Reviewed

Personal Travel Agent Reviewed

Take Advantage of Bulk Buying

Many online providers boast the ability to be able to provide customers with the cheapest flight and hotel deals. While it is true that travel sites can help save customers money, travel agents have more purchasing power than any individual traveler.

Purchasing package deals from Take a Break Travel helps you take advantage of the savings passed on to industry operators. The travel agency negotiates with different airlines and hotel providers to purchase rooms and flights at the cheapest rates. Before you book your next trip online, contact Take a Break Travel to ensure they can’t get you a better deal.

Get Paired with Your Own Agent

When you first make contact Take a Break Travel you will be paired with a personal agent that is responsible for all your travel needs. They will liaise with you from the initial planning phase, as well as throughout your trip. They are available to you at the drop of a hat if you’d like to make changes as your trip develops. Each travel agent specializes in a specific location and has a wealth of knowledge of both local hotels and activities. They can help you book the exact trip you’re looking for.


Traditional travelers run the risk of confronting various travel problems alone. If your flight is cancelled or delayed you may have to pay large sums upfront and negotiate with your travel insurance provider afterwards. This can be a stressful problem, and potentially leave you with large bills during the middle of your trip. Booking through Take a Break Travel ensures that you have the security of a large travel agency behind all of your bookings. If there’s a problem anywhere along your journey, whether it be with a flight or hotel, simply contact your agent and they can personally resolve it. All Take a Break Travel deals are backed by industry leading travel insurance.

Is a travel agent right for me

Is a travel agent right for me

Is an Agent Right for Me?

If you’re someone who wants a hassle-free travel experience, Take a Break Travel is one of your best booking options. Don’t get caught overseas having to fend for yourself if an emergency arises. In addition, you can save considerable amounts of money by booking a packaged deal through their agency. If you’ve got a destination in mind, call today to be paired with your personal travel agent and start planning the trip of a lifetime!

Take a Break Travel Emerges as Industry Leader in Customer Satisfaction thanks to being obsessed over customer satisfaction. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida based travel agency, has emerged as a 2017 industry leader in customer satisfaction. The agency has made considerable investment to ensure that all customers are paired with a personal travel agent responsible for planning every aspect of their trip. The agency is hoping that more clients will take advantage of their affordable travel packages prior to the summer holiday season.

Vacation packages

Take a Break Travel provides their client base with various packages to worldwide destinations. Packages traditionally include flights and hotels for both single and multi-destination trips. If you are interested in a range of activities and tours, great! The agency also has partnerships with many local tour providers. They can provide discounted arrangements for any type of tourist.

Many travelers who enjoyed trips with Take a Break Travel over the spring break and winter periods have been providing testimonials about the professionalism of the company. “From the moment we got into contact with our agent our trip planning process was next to perfect,” one customer wrote, “The amount of detail Take a Break Travel uses in the planning stage meant that my husband and I had no worries before leaving for our holiday. Our 4-day trip to Las Vegas was wonderful from start to finish. Our flights were booked well in advance, our airport transfer was waiting for us at the gate. We spent 4 nights in a beautiful hotel on the strip. I couldn’t recommend Take a Break Travel enough!”

High customer retention

The agency has some of the highest customer retention rates in the United States. Long-term clients love the flexibility on offer with the various destinations throughout the United States and the rest of the world. In addition, many of Take a Break Travel’s packages are actually cheaper when booked through the agency instead of independently. All trips are backed with travel insurance to make sure there are no unexpected hiccups or costs during your journey.

“Our flight was cancelled due to an unexpected storm,” another customer wrote. “Take a Break Travel was able to have us booked on the next flight and accommodated during the time it took for the weather to pass.”

Despite many modern travelers opting to book through independent websites, Take a Break Travel insists there is still considerable value in booking their packaged deals. “We are able to purchase flights and hotels at industry rates through our various partnerships with airlines and hotel providers,” a company spokesperson said, “It’s a great way to save money on your travel expenses without having to sacrifice security or flexibility. We urge anyone planning on taking a holiday in the near future to contact one of our personal travel agents to see what deals we have on offer for your desired location.”

Summer holidays are fast approaching. Those who want to take advantage of the various locations on offer should contact Take a Break Travel.