Stockholm Sweden is The Best Of Both Worlds

The most famous song about Stockholm is one that every Swedish person knows, it’s called “Stockholm in my heart”, and is a song about the love locals have for their capital city. And even as a girl born and raised in Gothenburg, its “little brother” who wants to think it’s the better city, I have to say that it’s hard not to love Stockholm.

Best Of Both Worlds

There are few places in the world like this, combining the best of both worlds – literally. The city is a vibrant cosmopolitan place with great shopping, fashionable people, lots of bars and clubs and great little boutiques. At the same time you’re always surrounded by water, as it’s situated on 14 islands, and the nature is just around the corner. The water is perhaps the best example of combining the best of both; it’s salty AND sweet at the same time! I love how a capital city can be so involved with nature, how you can just walk across a bridge and enter a huge park, or just hop on a ferry and escape the city within minutes to explore the ”country side culture” of Sweden. I’ve never been to another capital city where people go fishing in the middle of the city next to the Parliament – here, it’s part of many peoples’ every day life.

The Old Lazy Town

The Old Town is so quaint, with houses in different shades of yellow and streets leading to everywhere or nowhere it reminds you of the villages you see in pictures in children’s books. But walking around in The Old Town I realized for the first time how ”lazy” we are in Sweden – nothing here was open until 11 am, and most boutiques closed around 4 pm or earlier. In most of Europe you’ll find shops being open from early morning to late evening. In Stockholm, some places I wanted to visit, like the Knight’s House, was only open for two hours a day…

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As Swedish As It Gets

Stockholm Sweden is The Best Of Both Worlds

Stockholm Sweden is The Best Of Both Worlds

The changing of the guard at the Royal Palace was perhaps the best example of Sweden in general. While in other countries it’s something rather serious, in Sweden it was … different. After all the serious drumming and marching through town, some man cleared his throat in the speakers and said with many ”uh’s and eeh’s” that the orchestra would be playing a few songs …And they played… ABBA…! It can’t get more Swedish than a man fumbling for words at the Royal Palace (our king is known for just that), and the tunes of ABBA during the changing of the guard.

The Most Beautiful Scenery In Stockholm

Leaving on the overnight ferry to Finland, we slowly criss-crossed for 4 hours through the archipelago with islands dotted everywhere around us. Swedish red and white wooden houses and flag poles with the Swedish flag proudly blowing in the wind this was the perfect way to leave Sweden. It’s a beautiful last photo I took of Sweden, a good memory – until we visit there again next time.