Sightseeing on St. Croix

St. Croix may be the biggest US Virgin Island, but it prides itself on its small town vibe. It is best known for pristine beaches and rum distilleries, but visitors will be delighted by the variety of activities and attractions that St. Croix offers. Where else can you wrap up a hard day of beach combing by kicking back at a local bar and buying a pig a beer?” Vibrant scenery, rich history and Crucian quirks make St. Croix an attractive destination.

Sunbather, swimmer, surfer, snorkeler — there is a perfect beach waiting for all who visit St. Croix.

Boasting two bioluminescent bays and a tropical rainforest, the island is a paradise for nature lovers.

Visitors can enjoy the many wildlife refuges and ecological parks by foot, or they can opt to explore the island’s varied terrain by horseback, jeep or bus.

Buck Island and its surrounding coral reef ecosystem is a major treat for divers — sunken shipwrecks and spear fishing charters are the cherry on top.

St. Croix hosts international competitions in swimming, running and fishing, but there are plenty of options for less competitive visitors including several golf courses.

Denmark, France, England and the United States have all ruled St. Croix for periods of time, and it’s no wonder that Crucian culture is delightfully complex.

Much of the island’s artistic and musical heritage is the legacy of enslaved Africans who worked in the island’s cane fields.

Visitors can tour old plantations to see what life was like in the 17th century, or they can visit the archaeological museum and marvel at artifacts from the island’s earliest civilizations.

Sightseers who have worked up an appetite will find that most dining options are decidedly relaxed although fine dining does exist.

Boozy detours to the island’s two rum distilleries are understandably popular.”

Nestled in the jungle is the legendary Domino Club, where it’s possible to purchase the “world famous beer drinking pig” a beverage.

Visitors to St. Croix can take advantage of the Caribbean’s best duty free shopping. The towns of Christiansted and Frederiksted are great places to peruse fine art galleries or pick up traditional crafts as souvenirs.

From eco-tours to steel drum festivals, shipwrecks to sugarcane, St. Croix has something to interest everyone. Its scenery, history and tranquil charm make it a true gem among the Caribbean islands.

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