Sighisoara Romania – Europe Train Adventure VIDEO

The next morning we were off on yet another train to Sighisoara.



Within 37 hours we had traveled on trains for 30 of them – but it was so worth the extra time it took getting to Sighisoara!

Sighisoara, being one of the best perserved mideval towns in Europe, was SO quaint.

The houses looked like they were cartooned, with uneven sides and roofs, many painted in the brightest of colors, and old hunching ladies with scarves over their hair walking down the steep cobbled streets.

Sighisoara Romania – Europe Train Adventure VIDEO

Sighisoara Romania

Sighisoara Romania

After spending 30 hours on trains within 36 hours to get from Turkey to Romania – we headed towards a small town called Sighisoara, which is known as the birthplace of Dracula.

The scenery in Transylvania is very special, and waking up to look outside the window and seeing the thick misty clouds slowly move over the hills and thick forests, mountains and small villages – you realize that if vampires really did exist, this would be the perfect place for them to reside…

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We hope you enjoyed our Sighisoara video.

It’s about 10 pm, we’re about to jump on this train, take the overnight train from Istanbul, Turkey to Bucharest, Romania. It’s a 20, 24 plus hour train ride. We arrive in Bucharest tomorrow around 7, 8 pm, so, should be interesting. We’ll see how it goes. It’s crazy, I am sweating so bad. The air con is broken. We’ve been sitting here for over 20 hours. I’m absolutely exhausted. We have a small little window, poking our head out the top just to get a bit of fresh air. The conductor, I have no idea where he is, we have no idea where we are. It’s meant to be there a few hours. I don’t think so, it was running pretty late. It’s about 4 pm now. We’re running out of food, so I hope we get there soon. It’s crazy. We made it.

We’re in Romania. A crazy last few days from Istanbul here. The train travel was a pretty interesting experience. Yeah I think we travelled about 30 hours on train out of like 37, but we’re here in Sighisoara. It’s a village famous for being one of the best preserved medieval villages in Europe, and also for being the birthplace of Dracula. So we’re going to start the morning by walking along the streets and making our way to the Citadel. It’s so cute here. Yeah it’s gorgeous. It’s amazing. Looking around this place, you realize just how old everything is. It’s so well kept and it’s so pretty. It’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and people still actually live here. That’s pretty cool.

We’ve just walked through into the Citadel, and in the entrance is a 60 meter clock tower which welcomes you. It’s a really detailed, artistic-looking clock tower. It stands in the city as a symbol for justice. The Citadel was located on top of a hill which overlooks the New Town and gives you a great view over the city and the mountains.

I’m standing by the Covered Staircase. It’s a really old staircase dating back to 1642, and it’s covered the whole way up. There are 175 steps, so it’s really high, but there used to be 300 steps, so I can’t complain. One hundred thirty-five—it’s really dark in here. Really dark—one hundred thirty-eight, thirty nine, forty.  Seventy-five. One hundred and seventy-five steps. We made it! Whoo! That’s a good workout.

This is the birthplace of Vlad Dracula. I’m sure you’ve heard of the novel Dracula. That wasn’t a true story, but it was based on the prince who lived here. He was a bloodthirsty prince who had over a hundred thousand people killed. Dracula also means “son of the devil.” When we arrived yesterday in Romania, you could really get that feeling, that eerie, gothic feeling. Yeah, mysterious, the mist was coming over the mountains and you could actually picture Dracula living here. We found this really cute café selling only cakes. That’s so nice. Yeah so we chose this traditional Romanian apple cake. Sighisoara is the perfect place to come for a day, especially if you’re based in Brașov, which is the most popular place to visit in Romania. Unfortunately, we haven’t got much time here since we’re catching the overnight train to Budapest tonight. Another train ride.