Sexy & Useful Holiday Hairstyles

Holiday Hairstyles – Clothes get scruffy and lose shape quickly when you’re on the road, and given the small space in your bag you don’t have a whole lot of outfits to play with – all I have are two t-shirts, a pair of shorts and two dresses, in other words I only have a handful of “looks” when it comes to outfits. A better, easier and cheaper way to change your looks when traveling is to rather than buying lots of clothes, pull off some fun, sexy and easy holiday hairstylesHere are a couple of holiday hairstyles that can easily be done without the need for hair-blowers or a thousand hair products …


If you can’t stand the sweaty summer heat, or simply haven’t taken a shower for a few days, a great way to hide sticky and greasy hair is to put it up into a bun – not only are buns the perfect holiday hairstyles, but they seem to be a big trend this year in general.


Ever wondered how some girls manage to get those huge perfectly shaped hair buns? I always thought you needed really thick long hair to pull it off, but it all turned out to be just a quick trick with the help of a sock …

All you need:

– A Clean Sock (preferably matching the color of your hair)
– Scissors (I used my nail scissors)
– 2 Hair ties
– Hair pins (optional)

In 5 Steps:

1. Cut the toe off of the sock to create a tube and roll your tube into a donut shape.

2. Make a ponytail in your hair where you want the bun.

3. Pull your ponytail through the hole of the sock donut and spread your hair around the sock.

4. You can either roll the sock down the length of your ponytail (towards your head) and wrap your hair around it as you go (covering the sock as you go), or pull the donut straight down to the head, wrap your hair around it to cover it and fasten with a hair tie, and then wrap the remaining hair around the bun.

5. When you’ve reached the base of your ponytail, tuck in any remaining ends and make sure the sock is covered with hair.


Braids are among the most diverse holiday hairstyles ever, with loads of varieties, styles and twists, and you can easily incorporate other details and accessories within a classic braid to make it stand out, like feathers and hair bands.

Lauren Conrad Braid

If you want to keep your hair out put still away from your face, the lauren conrad braids are perfect holiday hairstyles, especially if you have bangs that have grown too long while you traveled. It takes a little bit of practice, but once you’ve got it you can literally make one in two minutes.

All You Need:
– Hair pins or clear elastics

In 4 Steps:

1. Part hair slightly off-center. On the heavier side, grab a section at the hairline and split it into three.

2. Start braiding like you would a regular French braid.

3. Add in a piece of hair from the top.

Skip the part where you’d grab a new piece from the bottom (like you would in a French braid) and continue braiding instead.

Take another piece from the top and add it in.

Continue this pattern until you have 5 to 7 sections added in.

4. Once you’re just past the ear, stop adding in new hair and continue to braid normally (or finish there and fasten with a pin). Tie if off with a clear elastic, and you’re done!

Side Fishtail Braid

A messy fishtail braid on the side looks stunning and still does the job of keeping your hair together and framing the face.

They look complicated but are super easy to make, and putting it to the side makes it look more relaxed and spontaneous.

The reason why it’s one of my favorite holiday hairstyles is that it works everywhere, and by simply tightening or make it looser, you create a different look, from chic to bohemian.

All you need:
– 2 Hair ties

Watch the 3rd video below to see a great tutorial on how to create this hairstyle.

Video Tutorials

No matter how easy these holiday hairstyles are to make it’s always easier to watch someone showing you exactly how it’s done.

The first video shows you how to make the sock bun holiday hairstyle, but personally I prefer to make it higher up on the head, and to use pins around the sock to make it look more messy and fluffy.

The second video shows you how to make a Lauren Conrad, or Dutch headband braid, don’t worry about the curling iron and all that extra stuff that comes later on in the video.

The third video shows you how to make a side fishtail braid, easy peasy!

What are a few of your fav. travel hairstyles? Share below in the comments!