Round The World Gear List

NEW: Our Round The World Gear List – There comes a time when you need to take a look at your current travel gear, throw away the stuff you don’t need or use anymore, and swap it for something new and fresh.

Now that we are on our way to travel around South East Asia again (we will be in THAILAND ) we feel it’s a good time to remix our gear list and upgrade everything.

We have spent the last year traveling around Europe – so now it’s time to ditch the warm jackets, jeans and thick shirts.

Also from now on we’re traveling a little different: we will be taking with us more high-tech gear like the Canon 550D DSLR Camera, a Tripod, Wireless Microphones and a Macbook Pro laptop – all to be used for our up-coming online weekly Travel (TV) Show, as we travel around exploring Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia for the next 4 months.

We will still be using 40 Liter backpacks, although we threw out the old ones and got ourselves two matching new backpacks.

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Round The World Gear List

Round The World Gear List

Round The World Gear List

Sofia’s Gear List.


– 2 t-shirts
– 3 Sleeveless tops
– 2 Bikinis & 3 Bras
– 2 Pairs of socks
– 3 Pairs of panties
– 1 Button up shirt
– 1 Dress
– 1 Pair of leggings
– 1 Skirt
– 1 Pair of shorts
– 1 Pair of Loose Workout Pants
– 1 PolyPro top


– Lundhags Dovre 40L
– Sea To Summit – Pocket-size Foldable Daypack
– 1 Silk sheet
– 1 Travel towel


– Lush Solid Shampoo & Bodywash bars
– Deodorant
– Face Wash & Makeup
– Tangle tweezer hairbrush


– Earrings & Sunglasses


– Merrell Continuum Shoes
– Havaianas sandals


Nathan’s Gear List.


– 3 t-shirts
– 3 long-sleeve shirts
– 1 pair of shorts
– 1 pair of boardshorts
– 3 Pairs of underpants
– 1 Thin jacket
– 3 pairs of socks


– 1 Silk sheet
– Lundhags Dovre 40L
– 1 Travel towel


– Toothbrush
– First Aid Kit
– Deodorant


– Sunglasses
– Cap


– 1 pair of Columbia Cruzado shoes


Shared Tech:

– 13.3″ Macbook Pro with case
– Mono Tripod
– 11.6″ Asus Eee Pc laptop
– Zoom H2 Microphone
– 2 Audio-Technica Omnidirectional Lavalier Mics
– iPod Shuffle
– iPod Touch
– 2000GB External Memory
– Canon D-SLR 550D
– Kodak Zi8 Video Camera
– Travel Power Adaptor

Personally I think it seems like a lot of stuff once you add it all up, but believe it or not, it all fits into our 40 liter carry-on backpacks, and that’s all we ask for.

Hope this gear list is helpful for you guys as well, remember you don’t need all that extra stuff – keep it simple, keep it light and it will make life so much easier!

That Extra Stuff I Can’t Travel Without

For me, one of the toughest things when backpacking around the world is having to resist the temptation of buying every pretty and new thing I see. There have been so many things I have wanted to buy, but since I don’t have much space for it in my 40L backpack and honestly the PAIN from having to carry it around outweighs the PLEASURE – I simply promise that I will return one day and buy it. When you settle down for a while, you really get used to having an abundance of choice to wear ANY clothes, and as much make up and jewelry as you want. But when out traveling you are really forced to learn how to live with only a few important things. I’ve done pretty well I think, but there are still a few things that I simply won’t travel without:

1. Hair Ties

I always, ALWAYS have a few of these on my wrist, because even if I don’t need one now, I know that at some point during the day it will come in handy. The worst thing I know is having your hair sticking to your sweaty back…. yuck! Hair ties are also useful for so many other things, it’s amazing how many things you can tie together to save space and when organizing stuff.

2. Ear Rings

I know I don’t need them, but wearing long dangling colorful ear rings is my way of making myself feel extra pretty on those ‘bad’ days.

Also they seem to just make any boring old travel outfit that much nicer!

3. Concealer

Using concealer is pretty much the only make up I wear or take when traveling. It is great to touch up a few random spots etc.

4. A Gift From Home

For me this is about having that little bit of certainty – I like having something from home, a letter from a close friend or something I bring with me which I can look at and feel that warmth and safety, remember that there is always a place I can go back to where people miss me, and feels like home.

5. A Good Face Wash Product

Yes, another face product. But for me the skin is really important, and when traveling you often travel under pressure, stress and in so many different climates.

All of this can cause bad skin, so using a good face wash/soap is a must for me. It’s better to prevent than treat.

6. A Tester Sized Perfume

I don’t use perfume very often when traveling, but I like to have it there in case. Have you ever sniffed that ugly smell only to realize it’s your own shirt that smells? That’s what this is for – a quick spray and the shirt is like new again…! 😉 I know many of these things are very girlie – so today’s post is really for all the girls out there.