Romantic Weekend Breaks in Europe

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! 

I thought that since today is the most romantic day of the year, I would inspire you with some cozy places in Europe to take your sweetheart on a romantic weekend break this weekend!

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, pretty bad timing stuck in the middle of the week, making it difficult to do anything more romantic than visiting a restaurant.

But instead of just giving your darling a flower bouquet and some chocolate, why not look for some last minute deals and add a little note inside the bouquet with two tickets for a romantic weekend break away?

February is off-season in Europe, which means that you will find some awesome holiday deals and be able to splurge for less than usual, both when it comes to the flight tickets as well as accommodation.

But to make sure you really get it cheap, I’ve put together some romantic places that will keep your wallet happy.

Here are some places that are perfect for romantic weekend breaks even in winter time…

Bergamo, Italy – Romantic Atmosphere

Bergamo is an adorable city in northern Italy that offers a true romantic Italian experience on an intimate level – the city has a long history dating back over 2000 years, and in Citta Alta (the old part of town) you will be enchanted by its medieval charm.

The city has really preserved the small town feel with its narrow cobbled streets,small boutiques, cafes and bars around every corner.

Beautiful churches, Venetian architecture and amazing art is in abundance, which is one of the reasons Bergamo has been nicknamed ”the city of art”.

Bed and Breakfast places are cheap and the budget airline Ryan Air flies to the nearby Bergamo airport (that they call Milan, although it actually is in Bergamo) from many destinations around Europe.

Budapest, Hungary – Relaxing Thermal Baths

Budapest is the ultimate choice for romantic weekend breaks, and winter is a perfect time to visit Budapest to enjoy the thermal baths that the city is so famous for.

Some of the baths have the most romantic and beautiful architecture, and if you want to spoil yourself a little extra the spas offer a variety of treatments.

Budapest offers some great value in terms of accommodation and food, and you can stuff yourself full for half the price of what you’re used to – the budget airline Wizzair flies to Budapest from all over Europe.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany – Beautiful Walks & Culture

Garmisch-Partenkirchen (where we are living at the moment) is a very cozy and romantic little place in the German alps, and there are many things to do to keep you busy for the weekend.

Just walking the streets is a romantic experience: traditional houses line the streets and are decorated with beautiful paintings on the walls.

Another beautiful walk is through Partnach Gorge, a mile-long narrow path between high limestone cliffs with massive icicles dropping down to the river flowing below, creating bizarre ice formations.

Skiing, or just getting up on the mountain for the incredible views is another fun experience.

It’s easy and cheap to reach – the budget airline AirBerlin flies to Memmingen, from where you can catch a train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen with the Bavaria day pass (29 Euro for up to 5 ppl).

These are just three of many romantic weekend breaks you can take around Europe on a budget. Which is your favorite romantic place to visit? and what will YOU be doing for Valentines day this year?

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