Riga Latvia Capital City in the Baltics

If you ever visit Riga, don’t miss out on trying this so called “bread drink” made from fermented black bread called Kvass! When it comes to food, Riga topped all the other Baltic countries in quality – it was cheap, there was an abundance, and it was really good. But when it comes to attractions and beauty, I have to be honest and say that Riga wasn’t as fortunate as its neighboring capitals Vilnius or Tallinn.

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Riga Latvia

Riga Latvia Taste of the Baltics

We’re in Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Riga has so many different cultures, from Russian, German, to Swedish, so I think it’ll be a really interesting day. We’re at the Freedom Monument, which is a memorial to all the Latvian people who died during the Latvian War of Independence. It’s a really majestic monument, and I love the detailed statues there as well. Today, it’s a really important symbol of freedom for Latvian people. Behind me is the another lovelock bridge. We’ve seen quite a few of these around Europe, and while Nathan doesn’t really see the point, I think they’re really romantic. This is, by far, my favorite one, and if I would’ve know this was here, I would definitely have brought a little lock and written our names on it. We’ve had a great morning checking out Riga. Now we’ve bought some traditional Latvian food. What do we have? We’ve bought some pancakes. We’ve bought some potato pancakes and pancakes with cheese. Well, that’s the cheese one obviously. Very cheesy. It’s very good. Very fatty. After lunch, we’re going to check out the rest of the Old Town. That’s so nice.

We’re standing by the Swedish Gate which was built by the Swedish in 1698 when they occupied the city. I think it’s a really cool structure, and they’ve got these red flowers above the gate, and I personally think it’s in memory of the executioner who lived above the gate and hung a red rose out the window on the days he was going to kill somebody. Kind of creepy, but kind of cool as well. Behind me is the House of the Black Heads. It’s pretty hard to miss, and it’s also one of Riga’s most photographed buildings, and I can see why; it’s absolutely beautiful. It used to belong to German bachelors who used to host lavish parties here for the rich and famous. Kvass. Sofia just bought me some of this stuff, it’s called kvass, and she’s forcing me to drink it. It’s made from yeast. [drinking] Pretty cool, the girl poured it out of like a beer barrel. It’s non-alcoholic, smells interesting. Ah, it’s actually pretty good. I expected it to be pretty disgusting. It tastes pretty nice. It’s really good actually. Mm, strange…We’ve had a great day walking around Riga. It’s been really fun to see the different styles of architecture. You can really tell the Germans used to live here, the Russians and also the Swedish. So we’re going to finish the day with some Latvian Ice cream.

We hope you enjoyed our Riga video, next stop Vilnius, Lithuania!

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