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What Is The Future of Traveling?

The volcanic eruption and the ash cloud over Europe sure put us all to the test last month, and has had many of us wondering what the world would be like without planes. Think about that for a second: – what would the world be like without the ability to fly? My sister was one […]

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(Travel Thoughts) Exploring a Sleeping City

Traveling in a new city is tiring, there is just so much going on around you. I often feel that the crowded streets are trying to suffocate me, and trying to find an escape in a cafe always seems to be a bad idea, because the places are overcrowded and people have to raise their […]

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Conscious Traveling – Are You Aware?

Using Your Power As A Customer Tourism can contribute to the positive development of many countries, but in order to make this happen we as travelers need to take some responsibility. By us just traveling to a country and seeing the poverty doesn’t really make much difference, we also need to be prepared to take […]

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Swiss Punctuality – Does It Make Life Easier?

Swiss Punctuality – Does It Make Life Easier? I used to always be the kind of girl who was late for everything. The closer I was to the place, the later I got there, since I often left when I was supposed to be there. I was a hopeless time optimist. But do you know […]

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Are You A Voluntourist?

A new way of travelling is starting to emerge – some call it ”the rise of the voluntourist”. So what does being a Voluntourist mean? A voluntourist, also known as a chadventurer, is simply a tourist/traveller who combines travelling / backpacking around the world with volunteer work or fund raising for charity to help the […]

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