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The Day I Spent With A Lonely Planet Writer …

You know how sometimes for some random reason you just happen to end up in a certain place at a certain time? Well, for some unknown reason this Lonely Planet writer happened to end up in the backseat of our rented 4WD Jeep – frantically scribbling down notes in his notebook. We were in Samos, […]

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5 Life Lessons from Climbing Adam’s Peak In Sri Lanka

5 Life Lessons from Climbing Adam’s Peak In Sri Lanka

Earlier this year we traveled to Sri Lanka, a country full of beauty and adventure – we had heard about the beautiful view of the sunrise from the top of a sacred mountain called Adam’s Peak – and decided to join thousands of pilgrims on their pilgrimage to the peak. Being a holy place for both Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians, Adam’s […]

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Traveling Through Europe In A Crisis

Traveling Through Europe In A Crisis

This summer we spent about 5 weeks traveling around Europe, and everywhere we went, people talked about the crisis and how it had affected their country. We spoke to a lot of people, and often got to see the results of the crisis first hand – this left a big impression on me, and I […]

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Tourists Who Don’t Speak English Annoy Me

Yesterday, I was – again, approached by a girl asking me something – what she was asking was impossible for me to know, since she was speaking French. I said that I spoke English, but she didn’t want to understand, and continued speaking French. When I smiled helplessly and said again that I didn’t understand, […]

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How Traveling Helps Me Get Out Of My Comfort Zone

I’ve always had this fascination/fear of doing things outside of my comfort zone – I love it and hate it at the same time, BUT it’s the feeling afterwards which gets me addicted to it. Everything from speaking in public to learning new skills like skiing and surfing – I keep doing it and keep […]

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My Secret Travel Habits And Superstitions

Superstitions is something we laugh about when it’s brought up – until you realize that most of us practice them in all kinds of ways. I’ve never seen myself as a superstitious type, but when my friend Jenny started talking about it a few days ago I realized that superstitions and habits had been there in the […]

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9 Countries In 3 Weeks – Is It Wrong To Travel This Way?

Traveling has fast as we have over the last 3 weeks (1 new country every 2-3 days) during the Europe Train Challenge, really forces you think a lot about the whole concept of traveling – there are so many ways to travel, and we all like different things. The day I left to Dublin to […]

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How A City Can Change Over Time Or Not

People always talk about how places change so fast, how only ten years ago things were so different. Bangkok in Thailand is no different, only that time there seems to be running on high speed! Changes In Bangkok During the end of our 10 day stay in Bangkok, we found this really nice street food restaurant […]

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6 Types Of People You Don’t Want To Sit Next To On A Flight

Many people hold the belief that they will be able to rest during a long flight and think that they will feel totally refreshed when landing in their destination – they will soon realize that they couldn’t be more wrong … Flying (at least economy class), is not normally …

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Why We Got Our Colons Cleaned Out in Chiang Mai, Thailand

When entering the fancy glass doors into a “Health and Beauty Clinic” in Chiang Mai, we were welcomed with a glass of ice cold water and asked to sit down and discuss the treatment. It really was an absurd situation, to be talking with two young, good looking women …

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