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Luxury Travel and Kids

Luxury Travel and Kids – Can the Two Exist Together?

When you think of luxury travel, couples’ travel usually comes to mind. People naturally think about honeymooners, those looking for a romantic retreat, and those who just want a chance to be with one another and relax together. Oftentimes, women join with friends for a luxury holiday. Now what about luxury travel and kids? Can […]

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Permanent Move Abroad

How to Deal With Permanent Move Abroad

Moving house is an experience that can be exciting and full of promise, whether this is happening due to a change of job location, a desire to move closer to family members or just because you want a change of scene. Many people say it can also be daunting, but you won’t be surprised to […]

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The Day I Spent With A Lonely Planet Writer …

You know how sometimes for some random reason you just happen to end up in a certain place at a certain time? Well, for some unknown reason this Lonely Planet writer happened to end up in the backseat of our rented 4WD Jeep – frantically scribbling down notes in his notebook. We were in Samos, […]

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My Secret Travel Habits And Superstitions

Superstitions is something we laugh about when it’s brought up – until you realize that most of us practice them in all kinds of ways. I’ve never seen myself as a superstitious type, but when my friend Jenny started talking about it a few days ago I realized that superstitions and habits had been there in the […]

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9 Countries In 3 Weeks – Is It Wrong To Travel This Way?

Traveling has fast as we have over the last 3 weeks (1 new country every 2-3 days) during the Europe Train Challenge, really forces you think a lot about the whole concept of traveling – there are so many ways to travel, and we all like different things. The day I left to Dublin to […]

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Behind Every Successful Ski Resort …

The progress of our world relies heavily on bold claims so, hold-on-to-your-hats because I am about to make one. Just as it is undeniably true that behind every successful man lies a powerful woman, (don’t even try to dispute that as a throng of angry women shall descend upon you), such a valiant assertion can […]

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