How to Plan a Round-The-World Trip: 8 Things to Do

Imagine yourself visiting all the tourist attractions across the world in one go! Well, the very thought might seem to be a distant dream, but, believe it or not, there is a way to experience them for real. All you need is a round-the-world trip!

Doesn’t the idea itself give you goose bumps? Well, it can be exciting to visit all the interesting places in one go. But, as exciting as it may seem, a round-the-world trip can be really difficult and challenging. There is a long list of preparations to be done to make it successful and this requires adequate planning.

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How to plan a round-the-world trip?

Here are some tips that can play a key role in making you “conquer” the world and have fun in exploring different countries with different cultures:

How to plan a round-the-world trip

How to plan a round-the-world trip

Figure out the route

What are your must-see destinations? Make a list of a few places. On the basis of it, take a map and connect and figure out the route that you would wish to take which will be most appropriate in terms of saving time and money.

Accordingly, you can book different modes of transport by figuring out the starting point and the end point of your journey. Also, you will be able to divide your time properly if you are aware of the route you wish to take.

Plan well in advance

A round-the-world trip can be done either in a span of 20 – 30 days extending to months or even a year or longer. Since you might have work commitments, you should plan for it well in advance to save your leaves and accrue more time. Perhaps you can apply for sabbatical or a leave of absence.

The sooner you plan, the more you can find and take advantage of discounts on air travel and lodging and tours (should you choose to go this route).

Invest in a suitable luggage or backpack

Avoid unnecessary stuff on this extended trip round the world. If possible, try to keep as minimum number of baggage as possible. This is because every country will present you with different conditions and you might be walking, going on road trips, visiting forests, etc.; where handling multiple baggages will become quite difficult! Everything you bring should serve multiple purposes.

Carry small essential items

There are certain items that may prove to be of significant use on the trip. You need to carry a flashlight, sunglasses, and medicines, etc. to remain safe and in contact with the rest of the world, even though you may be on one of the remotest places in the world! A good portable charger is a must to keep your phone in functioning so it’s available if you need it.

Remember to pre-book hotels

Whichever country you land in, you need to research different hotels in advance of arriving to find a suitable accommodations. Not being familiar with your surroundings, you will need to plan for safe lodging. By pre-booking a hotel or guesthouse in advance for the first day of reaching a particular place and then extend your visit or find a better place afterward. This way, you will have a place to sleep on the first night. You can also avail discounts if offered at that time.

Be flexible

If you wish, you can make a rough schedule of your trip and the places that you will visit on the respective dates. But, at the same time you need to be flexible. If some flight delay happens, you need to be prepared to skip a particular place or extend your stay in a particular country. Do not commit to any reservations except for few hotels during the first few days in the starting city. Also, have a suitable gap in your schedule to counter any unexpected situation.

Prepare for challenges in advance

No matter how prepared you might be, you will be welcomed by a lot of unexpected challenges. Be positive and prepared if the weather isn’t what you hoped for or if an attraction isn’t what you thought it would be. Take it in stride. Remember, they all add up to the experience of your trip and the memories you are making.

Avail a travel insurance policy

Be up-to-date with your prescriptions, vaccinations and medical procedures in advance of your trip. Depending on where you are traveling, have a plan to protect against mosquitoes and other serious issues. Before a RTW trip, you need to be prepared for any political or personal emergency that might require you to spend a lot of money which might go beyond your budget. An online travel insurance policy is the best way to tackle such situations and cover the cost of:

  • Trip delay
  • Baggage loss
  • Medical evacuation
  • Accidental death or injury
  • Hospitalisation expenses
  • Travel assistance
  • Loss of passport

So, what are you waiting for? How to plan a round-the-world trip isn’t difficult when you break it down well in advance of your departure. Plan ahead, and you will enjoy the trip of a lifetime. You will explore different countries in the best manner possible. Round the World Travel Guide