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Searching For Home – Where Is It?

Simply put, we feel that it’s time for a change. Our lives, As We, and our way of traveling – will be taking a new turn during the next 6 months. We’ve been traveling pretty much full-time for the last 2 years, to over 45 countries, and are starting to long for a place […]

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How Wine Paid For My First Trip To Europe

Back in 2004 I wanted nothing else but to leave New Zealand … I HATED my life there, and felt like I wanted to leave everything behind and go as far away as I could, but before I could do so, I needed to get enough money to buy a plane ticket out of there. […]

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Happy Birthday Sofia!

Happy 22nd birthday to me! :p I actually tried to make Nathan write this post for me, but then he said that if I didn’t write it myself, there would be no b-day post – and I couldn’t have that could I… 😉 So here we go with something “not-so-travel-related-but-still-kind-of”, I think you will get […]

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Today is 6 months old!

WOW – today it has been exactly 6 months since started online, and what a fun journey we’ve had! To be honest we never knew what to expect when we first started posting and sharing our travel articles, blogs, travel advice etc. We didn’t realize what an amazing community of people there was out […]

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Our Random Travel Plans (5-Days) In Switzerland

It is now official – we will be leaving Switzerland in three weeks. The tickets are booked and some sort of travel plan has been made. On the 6th of March, after I’ve finished cleaning a holiday apartment (a 3-hour-job that pays for both mine and Nathan’s flight tickets. Gotta love the Swiss money!) we’re […]

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Mum & Dad Are In Town – It’s Sightseeing Time!

Last week mum and dad came from Sweden for a short visit. They were curious to see where I have been hiding the last four months, and I was eager to show them! I think I showed them quite a bit of Scuol, Switzerland. None of them had ever been to a place like this, […]

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Too Much Of The Good Life – It’s Time For Us To Leave Again!

We’ve been living in a remote village called Vulpera high up in the Swiss alps for about 4-months now. It’s quite a hard place to get to (don’t ask how we got here :p), and it always has been. When Switzerland was taken over by German, French and Italian people they didn’t bother putting any […]

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