Paris France Travel VIDEO Truth and Rumor

Paris France Travel VIDEO Truth and Rumor

After rushing through Luxembourg, we really needed a few days rest – but since the crazy city of Paris was next on our route, we didn’t have time to rest … instead we spent a few days exploring Paris.

It was great to finally visit all those attraction you had heard when you were younger:

The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris etc and of course taste some of the yummy french food like Crepes!

Paris France Rumors & The Truth

Paris: the city of romance and baguettes, one of the most visited cities in the world – and we hadn’t been there yet …

Paris France Travel VIDEO

Paris France Travel VIDEO

Paris is one of those places it feels as though you just NEED to visit.

For some people, it doesn’t seem to matter that you’ve been to other French cities – if you haven’t been to Paris, you haven’t been to France.

And besides, who doesn’t want to visit?

For me, when I think of Paris I think of the movies I’ve seen based there; all from children’s movies like Aristocats, Hunchback Of Notre Dame and Ratatoille, to romantic films like Amelie from Montmartre.

So coming to Paris was like entering a movie set, and then realizing that without the characters and storyline – it was a VERY different story..

I think Paris in particular, needs some time to let you get to know it.

But still, after a short time there we already had a lot of things to talk about …

Everyone Walks Around With Fresh Baguettes.

Paris Fresh Baguettes

Paris Fresh Baguettes

Walking down the streets in the neighborhood where we stayed, everyone was on their way somewhere – holding two baguettes in their hands.

Everywhere people were carrying baguettes, munching on one while at the same time holding another to bring home.

I don’t blame them; who would say no to a huge freshly made baguette still warm from the oven for 0.90 Euro? We had three of them in one day!

They Park Their Cars Anywhere.

We saw SO many cars parked randomly in front of pedestrian crossings, on the street corners, and in random places.

You never knew if the car was waiting for you to cross, or if it was just parked there – always look twice!

French Food Is Everywhere – Of Course!

In all the other countries we’ve been to we’ve had to dig a little to find some ”authentic” food specific for that country – in Paris, it was everywhere, and it was cheap.

Our challenge was to try ONLY ONE local dish – during our stay in Paris, local food was all we had: Croissants, baguettes, crepes – so good, so cheap, so French!

The People Were …?

I honestly can’t answer that question.

French people are NOT Rude

French people are NOT Rude

All those rumors about French people being stuck up, rude and not speaking English even though they could if they wanted to – well, I don’t agree, but I can understand where the rumors are coming from.

In many places the rumors are completely untrue, but in Paris?

Neither true nor false, I think just misunderstood.

It wasn’t that they were rude, they just didn’t care about strangers.

Most people seemed a bit hard to connect with, and us being there for only a day and a half we never felt that we got the chance to connect with anyone – we found it was harder than in other countries to get that eye contact, and to be noticed.

I left feeling as though nobody knew I was there, which is nobody’s fault – it’s just a feeling I had, perhaps one you get from those very big cities – where you are nothing to them but simply another tourist.

So in short, I have to admit that Paris needs some more time for me to give it an honest impression.

Things To Do In Paris – The City Of Endless Fun

Paris is like a gift wrapped in layer upon layer of attractive paper, each time you visit the French capital you remove another layer and find something else delightful underneath.

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum

Everyone has their own personal list of top things to do in Paris, here we include old favorites as well as new ideas for fun activities in this wonderful city.

When it comes to famous attractions, the celebrated Louvre Museum is a “must” – but in such a treasure trove it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

On your first visit we recommend you take a tour with a guide who can show you the highlights, later you can return and browse on your own, but never try to see too much on any one visit.

Some of the best views of the city can be seen from the river and we would include a Seine cruise on our list of best things to do in Paris.

In fact we recommend taking one of these cruises every time you visit, especially if you go at different seasons.

A river cruise offers a stunning parade of the city’s greatest monuments, including the Eiffel Tower, Grand Palais, Hotel des Invalides, Louvre, Musée d’Orsay and more.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

A Moulin Rouge show, Europe’s most famous and flamboyant cabaret, is on the “must do” list of thousands of visitors to Paris each year.
Don’t miss the chance of seeing the high-kicking French Can Can performed in the place where it was invented, but do be aware that Moulin Rouge tickets sell out many weeks in advance.

To avoid disappointment plan ahead and order your Moulin Rouge tickets well before your trip.

When it comes to new and different things to do in Paris there are all sorts of possibilities.

Go off the beaten track on a wine-tasting tour in parts of the city that only the locals know well; or develop your own fragrance at a perfume making workshop, or explore Paris on a Segway personal transporter (a futuristic electric vehicle).

Foodies love the gourmet walking tours of the markets and food-shops of the Latin Quarter; keen photographers enjoy exploring the most picturesque parts of the city with an expert photographer-guide; and cyclists may like to get out of town on one of the delightful bike tours to Versailles or Monet’s Garden in Giverny.

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