Mythical Volos, Greece – More Than Just a Port City

Mythical Volos, located 320 km north of Athens, boasts a captivating aura of Greek mythology that includes the ancient birthplace of the race of the Centaurs and a church of the Virgin Mary called Panagia Tripa of Goritsa.

A visit to Volos, Greece may include tours of mansions and museums, the Volos Castle, and the Church of Agioi Konstantino.

Fantastic views of the city and the sea from the top of Goritsa Hill make of this city a mythical destination with lovely walking paths and seafood restaurants along the bay.

Mythical Volos Greece

Mythical Volos Greece

Traveling to Greece maybe low on your bucket list but with services that offer low-priced holidays abroad you can certainly make this dream come true.

Mythical Volos Greece

A trek to the top of Goritsa Hill in eastern Volos must not be left out as eerie paths exude mythological mysteries of times past. Believed to be the birthplace of the Centaurs who were part man and part horse, the imagination can be carried away by stories of ancient times. Walking paths up Goritsa Hill take you to the site of Zoodochos, the larger of 2 churches found at Goritsa Hill.


At the bottom of the hill lies the cave that is an ancient church called Panagia Tripa of Goritsa, believed to be the site of Jesus’ birth.

Visitors to Volos spend time near the seashore to taste delectable fresh sea food in one of many restaurants and take a stroll along Argonauts Avenue, a long time favorite place to wander or ride bikes along the seashore. Volos is known as the loveliest and one of the largest and most prominent cities in Greece.

Also enjoyed by all who visit Velos is Agios Knonstantino Park, an early 1920’s park, a place for outdoor recreation and enjoyment of the statues of mythological gods and goddesses. A visit to this very prominent port city should also include a tour of Volos Castle that once served as a center for building ships in the 1930’s and the 1936 architectural landmark, the Church of Agioi Konstantino and Eleni.

The lovely sea port city of Volos is visited by students and tourists from all over the world.

It continues to hold a mystical fascination for it’s history of Greek mythology and ancient beliefs of the race of the Centaurs. The mansions, museums and churches have long been famous for their rich architectural design and the sea shore is a place of peace and beauty.

Useful Tips On Visiting Greece

Useful Tips On Visiting Greece

Useful Tips On Visiting Greece

Greece is and has been a popular destination for travelers ever since the 60’s, and there are many good reasons for that – the first one being the incredible weather and beautiful beaches during summertime.

But summers are busy times, and if you don’t plan in advance chances are you won’t have the best time, because you will be stuck in a city built for tourists in a hotel that’s only average and during a week when it’s so hot you can’t even go outside.

So before you plan a holiday to Greece, and intend on taking a cruise among the islands – then check out the advice below.

Choose Travel Agent Carefully

If you decide to book your holiday with a company, choose carefully. There are many companies that are only out to get your money and don’t care about giving any value in return.

We suggest you arrange your trip well in advance. The earlier you book everything, the wider range of hotel options and destinations you get.

Don’t get sucked into the last minute “unspecified” trips. Sure, they may turn out great, but they may also be a waste of money. Always make sure you know the hotel you will be staying at so that you can decide if the location is what you’re looking for.

Travel During Shoulder Season

July is generally very hot and very busy, and although it’s the most popular month it’s far from the best month to go.

September, however, is a better month. By then, the locals are back at work and school, the tourist crowds are gone, but the weather is still warm and sunny, and the water is still very enjoyable.

It will also be easier finding a good hotel that isn’t fully booked, and the streets will be quieter giving you more time and space to really enjoy.

Going early is another good option, May and even early June is the beginning of the tourist season and you will just manage to beat the crowds.

Choose Your Island

Greece is very varied, and each island is different from the next. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re all the same, because that’s far from the truth. But there are too many islands to read about to make up your mind, so first decide what you’re looking for, and then find an island that has it.

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