Luxury Travel and Kids – Can the Two Exist Together?

When you think of luxury travel, couples’ travel usually comes to mind. People naturally think about honeymooners, those looking for a romantic retreat, and those who just want a chance to be with one another and relax together. Oftentimes, women join with friends for a luxury holiday. Now what about luxury travel and kids? Can those even exist together? Is it even possible?

Luxury Travel and Kids

If you enjoy all the benefits of luxury travel, but you plan on bringing the kids on your next vacation, you may be surprised to find that the two can co-exist, and here’s how.

Consider Your Destination

What type of vacation are you wanting to experience? Adventure? Sightseeing? Are you looking to relax? Consider the age of your children and their interests as well as their stamina. Older children may be able to handle long flights and changes in routines better. They will also be able to care for themselves more, enabling you to have an easier trip.

Luxury Travel and Kids

Luxury Travel and Kids

Pick Your Accommodations Wisely

A big part of luxury travel is the accommodation. Often travelers look for those remote, quiet, and unique properties that promise rest, relaxation, and romance. When traveling with kids, the priority list needs to shift a bit, but there can still be a focus on luxury.

As you look for that perfect place to stay, be sure to check out what are dubbed luxury family hotels. These are hotels that are oozing in luxury and opulence, but also welcome kids and provide amenities and activities just for them. Luxury Link is a great source of these luxury family hotels, providing options in some of the most popular destinations in the world. These hotels are proof that mom and dad can have a luxurious vacation, while the kids are kept busy and happy.

Key amenities you’ll want to watch for are spacious rooms, ideally with separate bedrooms; a large pool for the kids to enjoy; water activities/features for the kids; a kids play area; and being close to family-friendly attractions and activities in town. A great example of a property that checks off all the boxes is the Hyatt Regency Orlando, in Orlando, FL. This one is available through Luxury Link and has been a popular choice with families looking to blend activities, fun, and luxury into one.

Look for Options with Privacy

Still along the lines of accommodations, you may also wish to pick a property that offers privacy. Vacation villas have become very popular as of late and are popping up all around the world. For families, these are a great option because you will have a full residence/house all to yourself. This usually includes a yard, and sometimes even a pool. You’ll have multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a living space, and full kitchen, making family vacationing a breeze.

If you have young children, this is ideal as they can be busy having their nap or early bedtime, while mom and dad can enjoy their yard and the rest of the villa without disturbing the sleeping child.

It’s also very convenient to have a full kitchen while vacationing. You’re on holiday, and don’t want to shop for groceries and prepare meals. However, having the ability to use a kitchen or even to store some healthy snacks, makes it less stressful when traveling with children. They often eat less at mealtimes and more frequently than adults. Sometimes it is a hassle to traverse out to restaurants three times a day. Being able to prepare a simple meal in your hotel or villa can really be an asset.

Choose a Property that Offers Child Care Services

Of course, part of a luxury trip is being able to enjoy a little adult time together, and that can be made possible if you pick a property with child care services on-site. There may be a dedicated play area for the kids where the service is offered, or they may offer in-room child care.

Everyone is Happy

By booking a luxury family vacation, you’ll be ensuring the whole family comes home happy, relaxed, and ready for the next trip.