London vs New York

In the great debate over London vs New York, one concept that many can agree upon is both cities offer experiences unlike any other city in the world. In essence, each city is a gem, but one may have the upper hand.

Tate Museum

London vs New York: The Arts

You couldn’t visit all the museums and theaters in a trip to either city. To start, if you’re visiting London, you should visit the Tate as well as the National Gallery, each houses exceptional works of art. Likewise, New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art should be on every visitor’s checklist. Furthermore, if you’re interested in theatrical events, don’t forget to visit the West End in London and while in New York catch a Broadway play. When it comes to the arts, London and New York both are winners.

Thames River

London vs New York: Outdoor River Activities

The Thames and the Hudson rivers feature big-city ports, but also the quiet splendor of an upriver setting. You can take in the Thames or the Hudson while walking, cycling, and boating, but free public events highlight each river’s draw. All eyes were on the Thames with the excitement of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the grandeur of its flotillas. Then again, the Hudson has Fleet Week, an annual tradition with visiting ships that take over the river and air shows that take over the skies. As a result, it’s a draw with both cities taking full advantage of waterway activities.

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Roundhouse – BBC Electric Proms from

London vs New York: Live Music and Historical Appreciation

While rich in musical history, each city also offers live music events that rival each other. Nevertheless, the gradual loss of historically significant clubs in New York, such as CBGBs and Fillmore East, is devastating to music fans. Although Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd played the latter, it’s now an apartment complex. In contrast, the Roundhouse of North London, also hosting Jimi and Pink Floyd, did not wane into oblivion—despite its decline in the 80s. Instead, the Roundhouse can hold up to 4,000 attendees for an event. Moreover, it features rehearsal spaces in addition to recording and television studios for youth projects. With this effort, London scores for rebuilding history and investing in the next generation. If you seeking a place to stay in North London go to Hotel Direct for great options and cost.

In the end London vs New York, both London and New York are extraordinary, but the city that appreciates its history and its future is the city that wins overall.

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  1. Bianca @itsallbee February 13, 2014 at 6:59 am #

    I would love to visit New York but it just never seems to happen. For now I will explore more of London!

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