Provincial and Exotic, it’s Brittany, France

If there’s one place in Europe that steals many hearts, that would be Brittany, France. Located in the north-west of France and referred to as “Little Brittain”, Brittany is a cultural region full of architecture, arts, music, great cuisine and festivals.

Known as a “magical destination”, you will find scenery like no other in the world including beaches full of hidden coves, golden sand and charming towns.

One of France’s most rugged regions, Brittany is more than just a spectacular coastline, history and architecture take center stage in this quaint town with is Celtic culture, museums, music and landmarks.

Brittany is France’s well-kept secret hideaway. There are a variety of choices when it comes to accommodations but holiday homes such as those provided by Casamundo will give you that local “home-away-from-home” feeling, giving you the opportunity to explore every detail of this culturally rich destination.

See Brittany as the French Do

Life among the residents of Brittany is tranquil and yet, purposeful.

The French always make their daily chores look like a scene from a graceful ballet. Brittany offers many little rural lanes full of restaurants, hotels and shops. No matter where you stay chances are you’ll find enough to explore just a short walk away. Find a quaint café, a bustling diner or just take part of the thriving cultural scene.

If you’re in the mood for a little exploring, make sure you visit one of Brittany’s islands, Île de Bréhat or Île de Sein are among the most popular ones. There’s also a vast amount of Cathedrals including Cathedrale St-Pierre-St-Paul, which is one of France’s last Gothic cathedrals.

You’ll need more than a week to really enjoy all the area has to offer.

The walled city of Saint Malo is one of the more popular among tourists holding within it’s walls all it’s pure medieval character and activities.

When in France, do as the French do!

Pick between a rural or seaside setting, wake up to ocean breezes or the sight of acres of colorful flowers. Take a dip in the outdoor pool or wander cobblestone streets in town. A holiday home can certainly offer all this and more, make you feel like a local and give you enough time to explore all the details of it’s ancient towns.

You’ll enjoy the shops and sights found only in Brittany.

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