Introducing Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca is a great place to visit in Spain – for those who are learning or want to learn Spanish, Spain is the natural choice, whether just for a visit or to live, but instead of opting for the typical cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, why not go to a city like Salamanca? There you can see some beautiful, ancient architecture, visit museums and get a taste for the Spanish way of life. Situated north-west of Madrid, you can reach it from the capital in just two and a half hours. It has the most famous university in the country and a well-preserved Old City, which was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1988.

Museums And Galleries

There are a number of museums in Salamanca that you cannot miss on your visit, and the Bullfighting Museum is one of them.

There you get a chance to gain an insight into the history of this popular Spanish sport, which has caused so much controversy in recent years.

The Cathedral Museum is based in one of the most famous buildings of the city, and aside from its incredible architecture, the museum is home to a number of Spanish paintings and the famous 15th-century sculpture Anaya’s Tomb, by Francisco of Salamanca.

If you are interested in modernist literature, you should visit the museum based in Miguel de Unamuno’s home.

There you will be able to absorb the culture that surrounded his works as well as personal items belonging to the novelist, essayist and poet.


The university is one of the main attractions of Salamanca. Founded in 1218, it is the oldest university in Spain and the third oldest in Europe with extensive grounds and incredible architecture, a vast library and museums.

Whether you are visiting Spain for language courses abroad or simply to soak up some sun and culture, head to Salamanca for a unique experience.

Fine Dining

Eating out in Salamanca can be an incredible experience if you know where to go.

La Cocina de Toño is an award-winning restaurant offering impeccable Michelin-standard food in an intimate setting with excellent service and creative menu.

Although it’s located just outside the centre of Salamanca, it is well worth the journey!

When To Visit

The best time to visit Salamanca is in September, as the weather is not scorching hot but not yet cold, the student atmosphere will be rife again and most importantly it is the season for Salamanca’s main festival: Virgen de la Vega, which includes street parties, events, markets and concerts!

If you’ve been to Salamanca, what are your best tips?

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