Solo Travel to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Along with festivities, copious amounts of food and the possible devastating hangover, many of us mentally commit ourselves to adhering to the resolutions we make for ourselves for the year to follow.

Such promises have become so famous that in recent times a Wikipedia entry has even been created for New Year’s resolution with the world’s most popular annual promises. One of the primary reasons that so many resolutions go unfulfilled is that they seem more of a chore than a benefit. Maybe deciding to travel alone will make your goal a reality this year.

So, would it not make more sense to promise ourselves a positive change as well as a pleasant way to achieve it? Travelling is one of the most popular ways to experience the best of both worlds.

Solo Travel to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Physical Fitness

Resolution: “Improve well-being, eat healthy food, lose weight, and exercise more”

Solo Travel to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

Solo Travel to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

This may well be the most popular unfulfilled promise we make to ourselves each and every year – instead of attempting to cajole ourselves into taking that cold journey to the local gymnasium in the grey of winter, why not spice up such activities with a trip abroad?

The mountains of northern France present a great opportunity to hike in the crisp winter air while absorbing some of the most breath-taking sights; on a clear day one can even see the peaks of the alps from afar.

Skiing and snowboarding are also popular sports undertaken during this time of year and there are numerous locations to choose from. If healthy eating is also a priority, many local towns offer quality meals with locally grown and organic products; certain to please both the palate and the waistline.

And if you choose to follow the sun at this time of year with the intention of spending some time lying on the beach or by the pool – why not dive in?

Reduce Stress

Resolution: “Improve mental well-being; think positive, laugh more often, enjoy life”.

Solo Travel to Reduce Stress

Solo Travel to Reduce Stress

It is unfortunate that stress has become almost compulsory in these modern times, but we all have ways to alleviate the symptoms.

Should the drudgery of daily work be dragging you down, why not take a trip to the Mediterranean coast of Spain?

Even in the deepest throes of winter the sun will usually be shining and the lazy corner shops still emitting echoes from a simpler, less anxious era.

As there are a distinct lack of tourists during the off-season, one can partake in long strolls on many of the local beaches and gaze off into the azure blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you organize something diverting and inspiring to do each day, suddenly any troubles and stress may feel as far off as the horizon itself!

Settling Down

Resolution: “Get engaged, or married (or have kids!)”

Get engaged, or married

Get engaged, or married

Is this the year to tie the knot?  If so, then finding the perfect honeymoon destination is equally as important as finding the correct engagement ring.

In this case, many choose to visit Belgium for such an occasion. In fact, Belgium has been called the best kept secret in Europe for romantic getaways.  It is also a destination easily reachable by ferry from the UK via p&o ferries.

A couple can choose to stroll through the Ardennes hills and witness ancient castles or visit the many cathedrals and quaint towns which still dot the countryside.

Finishing off a wonderful day with an evening in a welcoming pub can be a great way for a couple to discover a new culture and a bit more about one another at the same time.

Solo Travel Guide For Those Over 50

A solo holiday is an opportunity to enjoy a trip abroad entirely on your own terms, whether you want to relax at a luxurious resort or indulge your passion for sightseeing in an exotic location. With over a third of adults in the UK living alone, the stigma about solo holidays has well and truly evaporated, with many travel companies actively encouraging solo travellers – so if you’ve been longing to get away from it all, but feel held back by the lack of a travelling companion, there’s never been a better time to make the leap.

City Breaks

Solo Travel Guide For Those Over 50

Solo Travel Guide For Those Over 50

A solo city break is a great chance to lose yourself in an entirely unfamiliar culture – many travellers enjoy taking the day to explore the cultural touchstones of their destination and take in some shopping, but might prefer some company in the evening.

Consider a group singles holiday, which allows you to be as sociable as you like, when you like – couples on holiday can be quite insular, so going it alone is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and expand your social circle.

Adventure Holidays

Solo Adventure Travel Guide For Those Over 50

Solo Adventure Travel Guide For Those Over 50

Shared adventures are a great way to bond, and with over half of all adventure holiday customers travelling alone, you’re more likely than ever to meet like-minded people.

From physical challenges like hiking and mountaineering to charity and volunteer work, venturing off the beaten path can often lead to an unforgettable experience.

Beach Holidays

Solo Beach Holidays For Those Over 50

Solo Beach Holidays For Those Over 50

If your idea of heaven is a beach, a good book, and no distractions, packing off to a stunning resort on your own can be an ideal way to recharge the batteries.

Even the most popular holiday destinations such as Ibiza and Spain have quieter, lesser known areas that can be a paradise for the solitary traveller.


If making new friends is your goal, a cruise can be just the ticket – with a wide variety of group activities on hand but no obligations to join in with anything you don’t want to, you can get to know your fellow passengers at a pace that suits you.

Travel companies used to aim primarily at couples, but have recently woken up to the market for solo holidaymakers with very affordable single travel cabins now widely available.

If you’re going on holiday by yourself it’s more important than ever to be fully protected in all eventualities. Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance, and if you’re going somewhere outside the ordinary, always check your policy to make sure all of your planned activities fall within your cover.

Over 50s travel insurance often features optional extras reflecting the popularity of specialist holidays – such as golf insurance – whether you’re crossing the globe or snoozing in your deckchair, with a little forward planning you can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime with peace of mind.
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