How To Visit Venice On A Budget

Venice is often referred to as “the sinking city” – a statement which is true, but there is also no major rush to visit before it’s too late, Venice has been sinking for the last 1,000 years.

Venice On A Budget

Venice On A Budget

However, at the time they built the city, there was no such thing as global warming or tourists, so they never prepared for raising water levels and the 20 million visitors that would crowd the small islands some 1,000 years later …

But they are working on it, since Venice needs to be saved – it’s beautiful, unique – and also a money-making gem.

Venice has in a way become a victim of its own popularity, it’s such a beautiful and unique place, but it comes at a price – a high one…

Before I went there I had heard about the exorbitant prices, the crazy amount of tourists and the feeling that nobody lives there anymore – like a ghost town …

Well – you know us, we stopped blindly believing in what we read online a long time ago.

You realize that people online love to exaggerate, and even if they were right about some things, there is always a way to get around those things and still have a great time.

Venice, Italy VIDEO

Venice, Italy VIDEO

Venice, Italy VIDEO

After leaving Switzerland, it was time to jump back on the train and head to Venice, Italy.

We enjoyed our time in Venice, even though it was pretty expensive & busy – you could also get away and find a quiet corner to relax and also find cheap(er) pizza.

We hope you enjoy our Venice video.

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We’re in San Marco’s Square. Sofia’s just been feeding the pigeons. They’re really tame. That was really cool to seem they were just all over the place. Standing here and I realized there were cafés all around the square and outside many of the cafés they have live classical music bands who are dressed up in tuxedos really fancy.

These are the places that have a nine Euro cappuccino. So let’s go closer and check out the prices. Often when you go to a café to relax they’ve got the latest pop or rap music in the background, 50 Cent and Brittany Spears, that kind of stuff. Here in Venice, they do it differently.

You’ve got live classical music, guys and girls wearing tuxedos and formal dress. Beautiful. It really is like an experience coming to this café. Like I said though, these are the cafés that have cappuccino for about nine or ten Euro. So let’s go and order one maybe Cappuccino, nine Euro.

It is expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for. It’s absolutely beautiful here. So we’ve seen the main attraction around San Marco’s Square, and now we’re going to go back into the maze of Venice. Get away from the crowds and try some Italian ice cream. Maybe some pizza as well.

We went to a place I’ve wanted to visit for many years but for some reason never have had the time to see: Venice! The historical, beautiful city on water that I had dreamed of going to – was right there in front of me – the narrow streets, hundreds of bridges and thousands of Venetian masks were no disappointment.

The only thing that surprised me was that the pizza I tried there just didn’t live up to expectations – maybe it’s just bad luck, but none of the ones I tried in Venice were any good! And to be rudely honest, the best pizzas I’ve tried have actually been in other countries. Sure, I give the Italians credit for having invented this awesome thing, but to be honest I think some countries have been inspired and taken pizza to a new level 😉 Maybe I just like people experimenting with food, trying to reinvent something rather than settling for the tradition is more my thing.



The Italians would probably laugh at me if I told them that my favorite pizza is one with banana, curry and peanuts as ingredients… trust me it’s nice!

How To Visit Venice On A Budget

  • We avoided the expensive hotels by staying at a cheaper one in Padova, a town 20 minutes away from Venice, using our InterRail passes to take a free train to Venice for the day.
  • We avoided the big tourist crowds by starting early in the morning – at this time the streets were close to empty, and you could enjoy the melancholic alleys and quietness of the town – alone.
  • We came here before the big tourist season, and the locals hadn’t fled the town, the kids were still playing football in the squares – the town was vibrant and alive with Italian flare.
  • We avoided the expensive Gondolas and Vaporettos by simply walking – it’s about compromising, and the Gondolas didn’t seem to be worth 79 Euro for ONLY an hour…Getting Around in Venice
  • We avoided the expensive food by eating away from the touristy areas – a full-sized pizza for only 3 Euro was what we had for lunch.
  • A cappuccino at St Marco’s square costs a whopping 9 Euro, while a few blocks away it costs 2.5 Euro.
  • An ice cream went from 2.20 Euro to 1.10 closer to the train station 5 minutes away.

You get the idea – it’s only expensive if you can’t be bothered to look around – so take that time, do a bit of research since Venice really can be enjoyed by anyone on any budget – as long as you make a bit of an effort!

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