How To Spend A Weekend In Mallorca

The small island of Mallorca, just off the Spanish coast, is a Mediterranean jewel. With glorious summers and mild winters, the Mallorca weather alone gives reason to visit. However, there is much more to this idyllic little island than year-round sunshine and golden beaches.

So here’s a list of the top five things to do other than topping up the tan.


Mallorca has some fantastic walking routes, ranging from leisurely strolls to full-on hikes. Whether you’re negotiating cliff-top paths that skirt the stunning coastline, clambering over boulders in the foothills of the rugged mountains, or simply wandering though quaint countryside villages, there is no better way to appreciate the incredible diversity of this island than on foot.


The crystal-clear waters and the rocky coast of Mallorca make it a world-class place to dive. The marine life is dazzling and the water is warm and safe. There are dive centres all over the island that cater to all abilities, so whether you’re a complete novice wanting to take the plunge for the first time or a seasoned expert, you’ll find something to meet your needs.


With all those pristine beaches and all that spectacular scenery, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the cultural element to Mallorca. Historical buildings are scattered everywhere and there are more museums than you can shake a snorkel at. Palma Cathedral, a magnificent Gothic edifice built in 1229 (but not finished until 1601), cannot be missed. And if you want to swot up on the island’s history, the Museum of Mallorca, with its engaging archaeological displays, will aid the learning process considerably.


If you’re on a tight budget you may want to look away now, for Mallorca is crammed with tantalising shops. Wares ranging from antiques to jewellery to traditional crafts are on offer, with a whole load more that can be snapped up in between. One of the best places to find souvenirs is Palma’s Old Town – a maze of cobbled streets that lie just behind the cathedral. Even if you’re just window shopping, a walk round here is worth it if only for the charming atmosphere.


A vital part of any holiday in any part of the world is the nightlife, and Mallorca bars will not disappoint. For a taste of authenticity head to Bodega Bellver, a rustic little venue tucked up a side street in Palma’s Old Town. Here you can enjoy traditional tapas and wash it down with an ice cold San Miguel. For something a little more 21st century, try out the flashy Emilio Cocktail Bar in the Portixol area of Palma.

Where to stay?

You will find that Mallorca hotels vary considerably in size, quality and price, so make sure you browse carefully to find the best deal for you. Also bear in mind there are always special offers running in various places around Mallorca, so again, take your time over this.

Exploring the Diversity of Majorca

Mallorca is one of those islands that almost everyone has been to with their family as a child, one of the reasons being the many cheap holidays Majorca offers during the summer months.

The island has great beaches and some fantastic family hotels, but while many never venture out of the hotel grounds, there is a lot to explore on the island.

For those curious enough to find out more about Mallorca, they will find many places almost empty of people – while everyone else is fighting for a spot on the beach.

The best way to get around is to hire a car, that way you can stop wherever you want and go to places otherwise impossible with public transport.

One place we recommend you to check out it Pollenca, a small, charming little city in the north-eastern side of the island. If you go there on a Sunday you will find a great market.

Hiking is a good activity in Mallorca, but it’s better that you base yourself somewhere close to the hiking trails, like Fomalutx – which for the record is one of the prettiest villages on the west coast!

You must also try the food in Mallorca, it’s quite affordable and absolutely delicious! The further inland you go, the lower the prices are.

Some typical foods to try are the tapas, almonds and olives – funny enough, despite the island’s location in the Mediterranean, most of its seafood is imported.

But, like most of the other 8 million tourists that visit Mallorca every year, we guess you’ve gone there for the beaches.

Most beaches are already well-known, but there are a few beaches here and there away from the complexes that are quieter, like Es Trenc Beach – although remember that it’s hardly developed at all.

Another really cool attraction in Mallorca are the caves, where you can see huge stalactites and stalagmites that are truly beautiful.

If you’re a golf fan, there are as many as 18 golf courses on the island, all 18-hole courses that are open for the general public.

If you don’t know how to play but would like to learn, they offer courses.

Other nature activities include bird watching, rock climbing above deep water, sailing and cycling.

As you can see there are a ton of things to see and do on this island, so next time you’re planning a beach holiday with some fun activities on the side, check out Majorca.
(photo credits: gabemacli Masriera)