How To Plan Your First Adventure Trip

Do you want to go backpacking across Europe, road tripping down America’s Route 66 or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

The list of destinations and things to do for adventurous holidaymakers is endless, and planning such an adventure is something which can seem like an impossible task.

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Where do you even start?

It may sound obvious, but not everyone does it – start from the beginning.

A good holiday requires a certain amount of planning to sustain it, and often the things you should consider early, but put off normally turn into something stressful that you have to fix just before leaving – such as booking travel arrangements and organizing adequate travel insurance from providers such as Direct Travel.

For all of you who are thinking of taking some time off to travel for the first time, here is a good start to plan your adventure:

Decide On A Destination

This decision is often based on two factors: the amount of time available for your travels, and your budget.

At this stage of your planning feel free to let your imagination run wild.

If climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tops your bucket list, scout the web to find out how much this trip would cost and what would be involved in it.

You can always keep the information you gather for use at a later date.

If you just want to get away and go somewhere cheap, South East Asia and many countries in South America are great to visit on a shoe string budget – in SEA you can easily get by on $1000 a month, and with a bit of effort $500.

Plan An Itinerary

Once you have found a destination that meets your requirements and can realistically fit within your holiday time and budget, it is a good idea to plan an itinerary your trip.

Just remember to leave space for spontaneity, you might fall in love with a place (or person) and want to change your direction or just stay a little longer.

However, a plan and an itinerary is good idea to have to fall back on. An itinerary can also help you fit as much as you can into your limited time, allowing you to make the most of your holiday.

If you have a limited time and no plans, chances are that you will run around places never making the most out of your trip, spending too much time planning the trip you’re already on.

I’d say, the less time you have the more you need to plan, and if you have all the time in the world, you can fit more spontaneity into your travel plans.

Using sites to make an itinerary plan, is a great idea – which gives you a good overview of your trip.

Prepare For Your Travels

Once your itinerary is in place you can make the necessary travel arrangements around it, like booking flights and accommodation.

Usually you choose between either buying a whole RTW ticket to all places you’ve planned to visit, or just book flights as you go.

Which one suits you best depends on how much time and freedom you have and want.

If you have limited time and budget, buying a pre-paid RTW ticket to all countries on your itinerary might be a good idea.

The flights are usually cheaper than if you buy them one by one. If you want more freedom to change plans, then booking flights as you go is a better option.

Sign up for e-letters from budget airlines to get the good deals, check up on their websites every so often and try using different types of transport when getting around.

If your holiday includes any potentially hazardous activities, such as bungee jumping or white water rafting, also make sure that your travel insurance cover protects you against any unforeseen incidents that may occur while taking part in these activities.

The advantage of planning your holiday ahead of time is that it allows you to make all the necessary arrangements prior to your departure, allowing you more time for pure enjoyment and relaxation while away.

Hope this tips help, and you have a wonderful adventure!

(photo credit: TRAILSOURCE – GuideGunnarTravelling Runesgreg.robson – Christian Haugen)