How To Keep Fit While Traveling

When you travel, things are quite different from usual – you tend to party more, drink more and stress more, and all of this combined really takes a toll on your body. Often, travel turns out to be anything but relaxing. Your daily agenda is crammed with so many must-see and must do events, that by the end of the day you are ready to crash out completely exhausted. In times like this it’s easy to prioritize different things, and exercise usually falls far down the list – if it even shows up at all. I know how hard it is to get yourself to actually do it, I’m guilty of excuses myself. But here are 5 things that helps me to “get it done”:

1. Get It Over With Early

Do it first thing in the morning, even before breakfast. If you need to, grab a banana before you go for a walk, but it’s best to skip the breakfast till later.

Until working out becomes a daily fun habit, you need to force yourself to do it, otherwise you will always find a reason not to work out – I’m tired, I’m hungry, I slept in etc. Working out in the morning is also great, since the parks, beaches etc are a lot less crowded, and it’s cooler outside. Just do it when you wake up, don’t even think, just get out as fast as possible, and then when you’re out there you’re already doing it.

2. Hardcore For A Short Time

An intensive focused 20 minute workout can give just as much exercise as 3 hours spent sitting around in the gym, so do it quick but effectively. Exercising doesn’t have to be time consuming.

3. Follow A Routine

It’s hard to workout without having a plan. Download a workout DVD on your laptop, or just go to Bodyrock (with the insanely fit hottie). If you can’t find a place to work out with the lap top in front of you, put it on your mp3 player and follow the instructions by listening to the teacher.

4. Try The Free Gym

There are always places to work out. If there, which I doubt, aren’t any parks, any good beaches or anywhere you can work out or go for a run, then there are often gyms nearby. Gyms often let you try out the first time for free, so ask your receptionist for some good places around.

5. iPhone Apps

There are many great iPhone apps to help you stay fit, and this is perfect to bring when you’re on the road. There is everything from running to gym workouts to specific ab work outs to calorie calculator etc. Some of the most popular apps, like the iFitness, cost a little, but there are also heaps for free ones (check out the Six Pack App and Jillian Michaels). Just search on the apps and you’ll find something which suits you. It might seem like a tough thing to do, but you will feel so good afterwards, it’s really rewarding.  Not because of the workout, but because you proved to yourself that you have a strong mind, that you fought against the temptation of just rolling on to the other side and fall back asleep again. I hope these tips helped you out or inspired you to try it out for a week.

(photo credits: ~ggvic~ – Ed YourdonDiganta Talukdar)