How To Enjoy Thailand Without Visiting The Beach

When you think of Thailand, I bet one of the first things that come to your mind are long, white sandy beaches and those beautiful long-tail boats with colorful cloths tied to the front. You would be forgiven to think that life is a beach in Thailand, but there is so much more to the country than the beach. Enjoy Thailand Without Visiting The Beach, In Thailand, we had some of our most memorable experiences inland, and while a visit to the beach is almost compulsory when visiting Thailand, I really think a trip inland is a must, and then I don’t mean a short visit to Bangkok.  We went to Ayutthaya during the World Heritage Fair, and as with every festival and event in Thailand, there has to be a beauty contest. This one went with the rather strange theme “beautiful daughter and possessive father”.

Enjoy Thailand Without Visiting The Beach Beauty Contest in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Beauty Contest in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Some people choose to take one of those great Thailand tours which takes them all over the country without them having to worry about a thing, but if you’re in for something more challenging and if you want to choose your own schedule, I would suggest doing it alone. We chose to travel through Central and Northern Thailand by train and bus, and while we saw far from every place, here are a few places we recommend which are ”off the beach radar” and still easy to reach:


This place is often overlooked because it doesn’t have any huge attraction, but there is something about this town which I really think deserves a night or two. The place is overrun with crazy fun monkeys, and it’s pretty interesting to see how instead of finding a way of ”getting rid” of the monkeys they have chosen to play by their rules and put bars over their houses and windows to avoid the monkeys from coming inside their homes. The vibe here is relaxed, the people are friendly, and everything is a lot cheaper than elsewhere in Thailand.


Sukhothai has the most fascinating and beautiful historical park in the country, and it’s easy to get stuck there for a while. Many people would recommend Ayutthaya, which is also a nice place and very close to Bangkok. It’s great fun during one of the many festivals there, but if there is nothing special going on at the time you travel, skip that and choose Sukhothai instead. It’s more beautiful and personally I think everything there was better, from the accommodation and food to experiences.

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A Memorial stone for loved ones who have passed, Turtle Temple, Bangkok. I can’t think of a better place to let your loved ones rest than in this peaceful temple.

Turtle Temple, Bangkok

Turtle Temple, Bangkok

Chiang Mai

These gorgeous Thai girls competing in the many beauty contests in Thailand were seen as celebrities, and fans crowded around them in the breaks to have their photos taken

Groupies Of Beauty Contest Thailand

Groupies Of Beauty Contest Thailand

People fall in love with Chiang Mai for different reasons – some like the cooler climate, others the extrordinary food, or the cheap accommodation. Chiang Mai is a great place to base yourself in and take small day trips to surrounding villages and towns. There are tons of activities and tours to choose from, like cheap cooking courses, zip line adventures and Elephant camps, but also just hiring a scooter and driving around the outskirts is a great option. Chiang Mai is also famous for its abundance of temples. If there is any place in Thailand where you can get “templed out”, it’s here. From here you can find buses to Chiang Rai, Pai, Lampang and even Mae Hong Son, which are other interesting and fun places to visit. These are just a few places away from the beaches in Thailand that are worth exploring, but you could spend months in Thailand exploring villages and cities without ever even see the water.

Big and Beautiful Elephant Trunk

Big and Beautiful Elephant Trunk

Elephants are interesting animals. They are so big and look so clumsy, but they are actually very sensitive, intelligent and gracious.
Only the trunk itself contains 100,000 muscles and is used for so many things.

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