Hertz Going Green With Innovative Waterless Car Washing System

Hertz is widely known for offering convenient car rental locations at thousands of retail outlets all over the world. However, the company may soon be known more for going green than it is for its sizable fleet. That’s because the people who are part of Hertz’s upper management have dedicated the company to moving in a greener direction.

Hertz Going Green

Hertz Going Green

Hertz Going Green

Hertz Going Green Waterless Car Washing System

The company is already known for its Green Traveler Collection of cars. These environmentally friendly vehicles, which often run on alternative fuels, are an excellent means for the eco-conscious traveler to keep going green while they are away from home. Now, Hertz is revolutionizing the process by which they keep their fleet clean, installing an innovative new car washing system in 200 of its rental locations.

Unlike the traditional car washing methods that Hertz has relied on for decades, the new system doesn’t use water. In fact, the new system is able to fully detail a car without so much as a drop of water. When fully functional at some 3,700 Hertz locations around the world, it’s estimated that the waterless carwash system will conserve about 130 million gallons of water on an annual basis.

The new carwash system was developed in tandem with Green Team Partners. With the goal of reducing water consumption and avoiding the use of toxic chemicals, Hertz and Green Team devised a new carwash formula that is 100% biodegradable and works effectively without the use of water. Moreover, the formula is highly concentrated, and only six to eight ounces of the fluid are required to completely clean a single car. This concentration also means that the formula is cheaper and easier to ship, resulting in further savings for the company and reducing the fuel used to ship the formula.

Using a specially designed applicator, the formula is sprayed onto the car. It immediately begins bonding with the dirt particles on the car’s surface. A technician uses a microfiber towel to remove the dirt particles before using a second towel to buff the car’s paint to a high sheen. Best of all, the formula also provides the car with a protective coating so it’s less susceptible to damage. As one would expect of technological innovations like this new carwash system, use of the formula also speeds up the process. On average, it takes only eight minutes to fully wash a car so that it is ready to go back into service.

Over the next few months, Hertz will be going green at 200 locations by rolling out the new carwash formula. Refinements to the system are likely to follow, with many more of Hertz’s facilities acquiring the new system in the future. In the spirit of going green, Hertz is also embarking on other environmental projects at its rental locations. Customers should expect solar powered systems and more energy efficient lighting. With movements toward sustainable development and eco-friendly initiatives like the innovative new carwash formula, it seems clear that Hertz is definitely anticipating a brighter future.