Having A Hand To Hold While Traveling

Traveling as a couple has its ups and downs, and it really isn’t all a bed of roses. Something you have to be prepared for is having to cope with things you wouldn’t need to if you traveled alone. For example, when I get really hungry I’m not that fun to be around, and Nathan has to deal with it. The same way I have to deal with the fact that Nathan gets restless and bored sunbathing at the beach. Sounds a little annoying to you? The upside of this is that when bad things happen and we feel like we’re slipping, the other person is always there to catch us. We never have to deal with problems alone since there is always someone else there to share the burden, which takes some weight off your shoulders. One of those times when I was so happy to have someone by my side was in Bali.

Having A Hand To Hold While Traveling

We discovered a little restaurant that served really cheap food, and since it was so cheap I felt like spoiling myself, so I ordered some fried banana with chocolate ice cream. Three hours later I was lying in bed having the strangest dreams, sweating like crazy and feeling the nausea creeping up on me. The next morning I was a total mess. I had never in my life felt this bad and I seriously started to wonder if this was the end. The hotel owner was worried that it was something really dangerous and called the police and doctor to come over. I couldn’t eat, drink or even think clear.

I was far away from home and my family, had no idea what was happening and couldn’t understand a word of what the doctor was saying. All that I could think of was how in the world I would be able to make it through. Then I felt Nathan’s warm hand squeezing mine, and I suddenly felt like a stone was lifted from my shoulders. Having his hand to hold when I went through this, having him there to support me, to hug me and tell me it will be alright, making sure that I wouldn’t give up, was worth more than any medicine to make me get better. It’s at times like this when I realize how much traveling with my boyfriend really means to me. Going through something new and terrible is difficult enough, and having someone there who I love and who loves me makes it so much easier to deal with. As much as I appreciate having someone to help me go through difficult times, I also feel like it means a lot to share the beautiful moments with someone as well. To me, there is something magical sharing a sunset with someone else.
Do you want your life to be like a boring movie?

The impact of ‘yes’ shows even more clearly while traveling. By saying yes to things – you never know where you’ll end up, you never know who you will meet, or what might happen – that is the excitement of life right? Traveling equals changes and choices, and the choice of yes will most often take you to far more interesting places than if you say no. I often think of the advice a woman once gave me. She used to travel to India at least once every year, and return with three full bags of clothes and jewlry. She said that if there was anything she had learned, it was: If you hesitate, BUY! My point is that often we hesitate when we really don’t need to – LISTEN to your gut, if it feels wrong, don’t do it, but if it feels good, say Yes. And live the life of YOUR dreams!