A Guide to 4 of London’s Most Haunted Destinations

If you have an interest in the paranormal and love nothing more than going in search of otherworldly encounters, London is the perfect place to indulge your penchant. Aside from the spooky settings of the Tower of London and the dungeons, there are many more reputedly haunted destinations off the beaten track.

Keep reading for a run-down of four of London’s Most Haunted Destinations Hotspots:

Bleeding Heart Yard

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The cobbled courtyard off Greville Street in the historic area of Farringdon reportedly takes its names from an inn sign displayed nearby, showing the heart of the Virgin Mary being pierced by five blades.

However, another story has been reported with regards to how the area received its name; according to urban legend, the name was drafted to commemorate the death of Lady Elizabeth Hatton, whose body is said to have been found in the courtyard in 1626, with her limbs dismembered yet the heart still pumping blood.

The Langham

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London’s prestigious five-star hotel The Langham is known as one of England’s most haunted hotels, home to up to seven ghosts that have been seen by various guests in the establishment’s long history. Opened in 1865, the site of the hotel was previously occupied by a mansion owned by the third Lord Foley.

Among the guests reporting paranormal activity were members of the BBC, who occupied the building for a period of time. Guests reported having seen a grey-haired Victorian man said to be the spirit of a doctor who killed himself after murdering his wife during their honeymoon at the hotel. Another ghost has taken the shape of a footman in blue livery from the 18th century.

The most famous of the spirits said to haunt the hotel is the ghost in Room 333, which was seen by BBC radio announcer Alexander Gordon in 1973. According to his report, the spirit was dressed in Victorian attire, its arms outstretched and its legs cut off.

City of London Cemetery

The Grade I-listed landscape of London’s cemetery and crematorium dates back to 1856 and is the final resting place of some of Jack the Ripper’s victims, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that reports began flooding in of locals witnessing some strange goings-on at the location.

During the decade, people in the surrounding area reported seeing a bright orange light shining out of one of the tombstones in the cemetery’s western section, but investigations have failed to pinpoint any light source outside the grounds that could account for the occurrence.

50 Berkeley Square

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Located in Mayfair, 50 Berkeley Square is an 18th century townhouse that was home to prime minister George Canning between 1770 and 1827, becoming known as the most haunted house in London after being mentioned in Peter Underwood’s book Haunted London.

Legend has it that the attic room of the building is haunted by a young woman who killed herself in the building, throwing herself from the window after suffering abuse, and it is reported that she has the power to scare people to death.

Among the tales told of the building is that of a maid who spent the night in the attic and was driven mad, dying in an asylum the following day, while a nobleman who stayed in the room was pronounced dead the next day. Another rumor suggests a second nobleman was so paralyzed with fear after spending a night in the attic that he could no longer speak, and a sailor was found dead at the property after tripping as he tried to flee.

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  1. Jay@TravelIdeaz December 9, 2013 at 12:42 am #

    Oooohh, definitely the first places that I would love to see whenever I get to London. Yikes!

  2. Heera December 9, 2013 at 12:47 am #

    I always knew that London was a scary place in the night, but now I’m just terrified! Will have to see these places when I come there in the summer! 😛

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    oh I wish I had of know this when i was there!