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Conscious Traveling – Link Between Tourism and Community Is Often Tiny

Tourism can contribute to the positive development of many countries, but in order to make this happen, we as travelers need to take some responsibility. Just traveling to a country and seeing the poverty doesn’t really make much difference, we also need to be prepared to take some action. I’m not talking about charity and […]

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Travel Green through India

How to Travel Green through India

Travel Green through India: Planning any trip is hard, but it becomes even more difficult when you’re trying to visit a very large country where you don’t know how to identify the most sustainable options. You want to see everything there is to see, while helping to preserve their natural resources. Here are just a […]

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Hertz Going Green

Hertz Going Green With Innovative Waterless Car Washing System

Hertz is widely known for offering convenient car rental locations at thousands of retail outlets all over the world. However, the company may soon be known more for going green than it is for its sizable fleet. That’s because the people who are part of Hertz’s upper management have dedicated the company to moving in […]

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Greenest Tea Ever?

Green Travel Possibilities and Practices

Travelers are increasingly interested in maintaining green travel practices. Whether you’re determined that every facet of your trip should be as environmentally responsible as possible or you simply want a few greener alternatives, you have plenty of Earth-friendly choices to make. Part of green travel is leaving the environment as you found it. Checkout our […]

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How to Save Money, Save the Earth and Still Travel the World

Being a traveler and an environment hero is not easy – it’s close to impossible actually (anyone who wants to take on the challenge?). Since we became more aware of the destructive effect our lifestyles have, eco travel has become more and more popular …

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