Greek Nightlife – Autumn And Summer Destinations

The first thing I think of when someone asks me to recommend a good place in Europe for young people looking to party – is Greece. The Greek nightlife is insane, and there are so many places to choose from.

Unlike many other places, Greek nightlife stands out with its diversity, every place in Greece is different from the other, and attracts so many different people.

In the past I have gone on many “party holidays” with friends in Europe, with those all inclusive holiday deals, and so far nothing has beaten the Greek nightlife.

What I love most about the Greece is that it really offers something for everyone.

There are plenty of places to enjoy some of the local culture where the nightclubs aren’t quite as crazy, and there are other places which have been built just for tourists coming to Greece to go nuts.

Here are a few places in Greece that are known for its great nightlife:

Nightlife in Thessaloniki – Autumn Destination

There is definitely a difference between the way people party on the islands and the mainland, but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other.

Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, is known for its awesome nightlife: it offers everything from modern to traditional, Greek music to jazz, soul and rock.

Thessaloniki is a perfect destination in autumn, and the city is everything but dead.

In fact, in Thessaloniki things work opposite from on the islands.

The city is actually at its most vibrant and alive, and the nightlife is are the best, outside of the summer season.

Thessaloniki is one of the biggest student cities in Greece so people come back from their summer holidays and make the city go wild during the weekends.

In fact, many clubs in Thessaloniki actually shut down over summer, moving east towards the airport, so during the summer time it’s definitely best to be heading out to the islands.

Nightlife On The Greek Islands – Summer Destination

The best way to enjoy the variety of the Greek nightlife and experience both the crazy party towns built for tourists as well as the smaller places where you can find plenty of Greek taverns and party more like the locals, is to do some island hopping around Greece.

That way you can see a few places first and then decide which one you want to spend some more time in.

Island hopping is pretty easy to do on your own, and as soon as you step off a boat on an island there will be several other travel agencies standing outside their shop waving you in, eager to help you plan your next step.

Ios has become a huge hit during the past few years, and is often referred to as the “party island”, but there is also a lot of history and culture to find there.

Another place which has long had a reputation for its nightlife is Mykonos – there, the party mood sets in already at 2pm, and the beach bars are busy.

Kos is another big favorite among party-goers. It has the pretty villages, beautiful beaches and awesome nightlife – a little bit of everything.

But from my own experience, you can find good nightlife on pretty much all the islands, even small ones like Samos have some pretty crazy clubs during peak season.

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