Going Retro In America (Things To Do)

While you can’t really travel back in time, there is nothing stopping you from pretending that you are, and in America, getting a taste of the old days is actually easier than you think. These days, retro is “in”, and cafes, shops and cinemas are popping up all over the world – here are a few of Americas gems that I would not want to miss on a visit to the States.

Drive-In Theaters

Getting cozy in a retro drive-in theater watching some old school movies has to be among the best ways to travel back in time to the good old 50’s. Bengies Drive-In Theater in Baltimore, opened on June 6 in 1956 – and is still operating – with triple features on Fridays and Saturdays, vintage trailers and FM or AM radio car speakers, this place gives you the true original drive-in movie theater experience. Another old-school drive-in theater is The Wellfleet Drive-In Theater in Wellfleet, MA – the theater opened in 1957, and is still today a favorite spot for those mild summer evenings.

Retro Restaurants

When it comes to dining in retro style, there are plenty of options all over the country.

With red leather booths, milkshakes, burgers and juke boxes – places like Pann’s restaurant on La Tijera Blvd in L.A, are the perfect classic diners for retro lovers.

Many people swear by this place, and whenever they return for holidays to California and visit Los Angeles, this is where they head first. If you’ve wanted to know what it would’ve been like to eat at a diner in the 1950s, Pann’s is the place to find out – they’ve been in the business since 1958, and aside from the staff, nothing else seems to have changed…

Roller-Skating Rinks

Dress up in your best and most colorful 80’s outfits, sing at the top of your lungs to Journey and other 80’s classics, and work those gluts for all you’re worth under the spinning disco balls at White Rock Skate Center in Dallas. When you’re exhausted, grab a Hokey Pokey from the snack bar and rest while checking out the photos of the place taken in the early 70’s.

Historical Amusement Parks

The Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz has been a popular place for over 100 years, and today this classic park still thriving.

Take a ride on the carousel from 1911, or the Giant Dipper, a wooden roller coaster that is also a historical landmark, built in 1924. On the highest point of the ride you get an amazing view over the boardwalk.

Another highlight of the parks attractions is the free entertainment shows, oh, and the admission to the boardwalk itself is also free. These are just four out of hundreds of things to do and places to visit on holidays to America in retro-style – the best way to top this off would be to rent an old-school convertible for the trip!

Where are your favorite retro places in USA

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