Getaway with Skyscanner Innsbruck Austria

After our trip to Bergamo in Italy, we continued with Skyscanner to Innsbruck in Austria, our final destination – Innsbruck is an old city surrounded by the Austrian alps, and it really is the perfect city for a wonderful weekend getaway! Check out our video from a day exploring Innsbruck below:

You can read more about our trip here:

Innsbruck Kicked Us Out!

Getaway with Skyscanner & Going Full Circle

After Portugal, we continued for a 4 day weekend getaway with Skyscanner to Bergamo, before continuing to our “final destination” Innsbruck, Austria.

Flying “Everywhere”

We often find it very time-consuming looking for good flight deals, especially when it doesn’t really matter where you go, only where you travel from. We experienced this problem again earlier this summer when looking for a flight from Asia to Europe – it didn’t matter where in Europe we ended up, as long as we got there.

Back then we didn’t know that Skyscanner had this “Everywhere” feature where all you had to do was to enter the destination you flew from, and they would find the best deals to destinations all over the world from your airport.

We spent days searching airport to airport to compare the prices, something which would have easily been done in a few minutes with this feature. This time around, we tried the feature for the first time, and found a great deal to Bergamo, and from there continuing to Innsbruck. Perfect!

Getaway with Skyscanner Innsbruck Austria

Getaway with Skyscanner Innsbruck Austria

Bergamo – Going Full Circle With As We Travel

It was kind of funny that Skyscanner would be taking us to Bergamo, because this was the first city we traveled to when we first started As We Travel over 2.5 years ago.

Arriving in this gorgeous city brought back a lot of memories from that time, when we had barely enough money to get by, and when As We Travel was nothing but three blog posts and a hope for a better future.

Our journey from where it all began has been long and crazy, and we have treasured every moment, so it was really incredible to be back where we started. But walking along the streets we both had that strange feeling when a period of your life is about to end, and a new one about to begin. Everything in our lives have worked in threes – every 3 years, our lives have changed and started going in a new direction. We have the feeling that things are about to change once again, that we’re about to take a different turn, and our blog will change with us. Kind of scary, but very exciting at the same time!

Travelers Settling Down.

After our weekend in Bergamo, we continued with Skyscanner to Innsbruck, a stunning city which everyone who visits instantly falls in love with.

With dramatic mountain peaks surrounding you in every direction, a beautiful old town, outgoing people and the most delicious pastries, it’s hard not to love this place.

In fact, we liked it so much we decided to try and settle down to live there for the next six months. If there is one change we know will happen with As We Travel, it’s the way we travel. We need to slow things down, stay in places for longer, or simply settle down and take smaller trips from there.

Traveling full time is an incredible experience, but it certainly has its downsides.