Bueno Entonces… Rosetta Stone Meets South Park? = NEW Spanish Course

REVIEW: We were recently sent a new spanish language course called: “Bueno Entonces…”, which was released by General Linguistics. With my lacking Spanish knowledge and Nathan’s zero knowledge, we were really keen to try this course and see what it was like.


What Makes It Different?

This course was especially designed for backpackers, study abroad students & expats.

The course is very different from the courses I’m used to. I’ve tried nearly everything; books, audio tapes, cd’s, kids’ books, classes, computer courses etc.

No matter what I tried I got bored out of my mind, and often found myself drifting out of focus or simply just falling asleep!

But this course IS different from them all – they put a lot of focus on actually making it fun, and I found myself smiling and laughing through-out each episode.

Their purpose is  to learn Spanish for the street, not the test, and they have succeeded very well in this.

They teach you words and conversations that you’re very likely to use, rather than the typical “I would like to make an order, miss…” type of thing.

I also liked how real the people in the course came out, and how the course circulated around a normal storyline.

The course has a fun, laid back, young attitude, and is a fresh breeze to the dusty language grammar books.

So, what about the grammar?

In every chapter they go through a new grammar rule, although I must say that this area is a little brief.

In the Spanish language they put the words in a quite different order compared to English, and they also use feminine and masculine words.

It’s confusing to remember the feminine and masculine words, but it’s something you’ll learn over time, just like the way the sentences are built.

Learn Curses, Insults and Pick Up Lines

Have you ever had a language course where they provide you a whole alphabetic dictionary with 17 pages of offensive swear words and insulting sentences?

Read more about what you can learn here!

I think we can all remember times when we wish we would have wanted to known a rude sentence to someone in a different language.

Well, in this dictionary you’ll find everything from slightly mean words to really offensive words that I cant mention here….!

As sure as I am that you’ve sometimes wished to tell a sleezy guy (or annoying girl) to bugger off, I’m certain that you’ve wanted to know some a pick up line to say to a hottie in her/his language.

Well, this course offers a 17 page pick up line dictionary as well, with full of fun and sometimes sleezy pick up lines.

How about: “Do you work at FedEx? Because I thought you were looking at my package.”

I must say that I wouldn’t suggest anyone to actually use them, unless they know exactly how to make it come out funny – most likely however, you’ll sound like a jerk.

Knowing these words is good both so that you know what guys actually say to you, but it’s also a more fun way to learn words and how to build sentences.

Learn The Slang

Another thing that I’ve found so difficult when studying language and actually trying to understand the people, is that they often use so many slang words which courses normally never teach. This course has a whole dictionary of slang words, which I find very useful.

Would I Recommend It?

YES – If you were to take any language course in Spanish – this is the one. It’s both fun, educational, and you get a lot for your money. The course is jam-packed with information: 6 DVD videos, audios, dictionaries, study books and online support.

If you would like to find out more, or get yourself a copy then just Click Here.