Five Money Saving Activities for Gap Year Students to Enjoy Sydney

Sydney is well known for being a city of excitement, culture and adventure. As a popular destination for gap year students, there is a lot to discover upon arrival but as we know flights to the other side of the road in Australia aren’t exactly cheap.

However, that should not stop anyone from pursuing an Australian adventure holiday and having the experience of a lifetime. So here are some activities that won’t break your bank balance but will ensure that you have an incredible time.

Sydney Australia

Photograph the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Home to one of the most astonishing views in Sydney, the Harbour Bridge is loved by all. Just as you can see everything from it, you can also catch sight of the bridge from all over the city. The best way to experience the views is by foot.

A footpath runs right across the eastern side and will provide you with a totally free and true Sydney experience, as well as a lovely stroll. If you are not quite fulfilled by this view then you can climb the bridge itself for a few hundred dollars!

Free admission at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Art Gallery NSW Sydney

Fancy some culture? The Art Gallery of NSW has free entry, which considering its fantastic reputation in Sydney society is definitely something to take advantage of. There are three permanent collections: Australian, post sixteenth-century European, and Asian. They offer free guided tours on the hour from 11am-2pm on Tuesday-Sunday. Along with the art collections there are also concerts, screenings and celebrity talks – not one to be missed!

Amuse yourself at Luna Park!

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Walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Rock is Luna Park. This 1935 amusement park is well-known for providing a fun-filled day out, and you could take some other travellers with you to enjoy the fun!

Known for the staple Ferris Wheel, Big Dipper and Flying Saucer, as well as many others, it can provide a good combination of nausea and excitement. The park is free to enter, and you can either pay as you go on the rides or buy an unlimited height restriction pass.

Visit the second oldest National Park in the world

Royal National Park

The Royal National Park is a breathtaking coastal park. It’s the second oldest National Park in the world, including dramatic cliffs, golden beaches and amazing rainforests. Aspects such as the coastal walk from Bundeena or the opportunity to go surfing at Gari or Burning Palms are all very popular attractions.

Walking around the different areas of the park is free, but to make the trip that little bit more special you can also hire rowboats, canoes and kayaks from Audley Boat Shed for about AUD$45 a day in order to paddle up Kangaroo creek or the Hacking River.

Peruse the stalls of Paddington markets

Paddington Markets

Paddington markets provide the perfect Saturday afternoon experience in Sydney. They are long established markets and turn Paddington upside down with their quirkiness. They started back in the 1970s and used to be where the more alternative crowd of punks, skinheads and hippies used to hang out together. Now it is a little more mainstream but more than worth a visit for its variety of stalls.

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  1. rebecca January 24, 2014 at 2:49 pm #

    such an expensive city but there area always ways to cut costs. There are some great coastal walks as well that are free, and great way to see the city