Moulin Rouge In Paris A Must See The Feerie Show

Ooh La La! The current show at Moulin Rouge Paris is the spectacular “Feerie”, an extravaganza of frothing feathers and shimmering sequins, long-legged dancers, acrobats, magicians, comics and clowns. If you are visiting the French capital don’t miss the chance to see this visually stunning show. It’s the quintessential Paris experience – however, you should be aware that, while the cabaret is extremely sophisticated and tasteful, the female dancers are topless during a few parts of the performance, so it is not suitable for young children. The celebrated Moulin Rouge Paris has been causing a sensation in the French capital ever since it opened in 1889.

Moulin Rouge In Paris

Moulin Rouge In Paris

In the very early days, it was a place of risqué entertainment where gentlemen watched beautiful girls perform provocative dances.

It was here at the Moulin Rouge theatre that the spirited Can Can, which had been around in dance halls since the 1830s, reached the height of its notoriety.

As the fame of the Can Can grew, certain sections of society flocked to the Moulin Rouge to enjoy it, while others went there to be scandalised.

But times changed and gradually the Can Can evolved into a form of more mainstream entertainment, leading to the development of cabarets across Europe.

Moulin Rouge In Paris

Over the years the Moulin Rouge has presented a series of sumptuous shows to enthusiastic audiences.

Many international stars have performed on stage at the Moulin Rouge Paris, from Maurice Chevalier, Jean Gabin and  Edith Piaf to Ella Fitzgerald, Liza Minelli, Frank Sinatra, and Elton John.

Moulin Rouge tickets sell out weeks ahead so, if you want to see the Feerie Show, do make sure you book well ahead to avoid disappointment.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is a great venue for a hen party or other celebratory night out and you can get Moulin Rouge tickets that include dinner as well as the show.

Then, there are a wide range of packages that combine Moulin Rouge tickets with other aspects of Parisian nightlife – a Paris illuminations tour, dinner at the Eiffel Tower, or a Seine dinner cruise.

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5 Best Movie Locations in Paris

Paris has the historical streets, the romantic cafes, the decorative cathedrals and the picturesque cafes that make for the perfect movie scenes. You know the scenes that make you want nothing else than to be right where they are, being served a cup of coffee at that beautiful square, or taking a stroll along that romantic street. Paris is the perfect city for epic movie locations, and there are plenty of memorable scenes from blockbuster movies that have been filmed in the streets and corners of Paris…

Midnight In Paris

Midnight In Paris

Midnight In Paris

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris has more than a handful of memorable scenes, all shot in Paris, and you could probably spend a whole day just going between filming locations from this movie alone.

One of the top ones, however, would be “Restaurant Polidor” where Gil meets Ernest Hemingway.

Where: 41 Rue Monsieur le Prince

The scene where Paris is portrayed as the most romantic, however, is when Gil and Adriana share a romantic walk in Paris one evening alongside Sacré Coeur.

Where: Rue du Chevalier de la barre.


Watching Amélie would make anyone want to pack their bags, move to Paris and see the city through her eyes. I remember how inspiring it was to see the scene where Amélie leads a blind man through a market sparking his imagination and our own with her words.

The most classic filming location in this movie has to be the Café where Amélie works – it’s a very charming café and looks just like in the movie!

Where: Cafe des deux Moulins, 15 Rue Lepic

Da Vinci Code

Believe it or not, but even before the movies came out, there was already a Da Vinci Code trail map based on Dan Brown’s blockbuster book, and many of the book’s locations are the same as in the movie.

One of the more obvious locations is of course the Louvre, where Robert Langdon was summoned to the murder scene – but anyone can find that out by the huge glass pyramid in the back ground.

A more interesting location is when Silas investigates the ‘Rose Line’ in the church in which he searches for the ‘keystone’.

The exterior in the movie is real, and although the interior was digitally recreated, many of the “mysterious codes” or symbols they find are actually real, such as the letters P and S in the small round windows at both ends of the transept which in the movie refer to the dubious ‘Priory of Sion’.

Where: Church of St Sulpice

Another location worth mentioning, especially if you’re looking to find accommodation in Paris based on movie locations is Chateau Villette where the eccentric English Grail-obsessive Leigh Teabing lives.

The 17th century estate is actually a luxurious bed and breakfast, located about 27 miles (40 min) northwest of Paris.

Inglorious Basterds

There is no wonder why Christoph Waltz won an Oscar for his role as the cunning SS officer Hans Landa in the movie Inglourious Basterds – his performance made the whole film go from average to awesome.

But of course the other actors also contributed to some memorable scenes, such a when Shosanna and the German soldier Fredrick Zoller sit in the charming little bistro and Shosanna realizes that he his a national hero.

Where: Bistrot La Renaissance, 112 Rue Championnet.

The Tourist

Although the movie itself wasn’t all that memorable, the only scene that I actually remember was when Angelina Jolie is reading a newspaper in a parisian café.

I thought it was such an epic shot, it’s one of those scenes you wish you lived yourself every day, and as parisian as it gets.

Where: Le Nemours, Plaza de la Collette

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